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  1. solved

    dude i wouldnt stop them and u know , and im sure u know i didnt game ruin and i didnt tp since my mate told me keep pushing and i was focused on the rax and 2 heros witch i fought and didnt even see they went straight to throne ... u know its not a gr -.-
  2. solved

    Your RGC Username: -MaNiaC-_- Abuser RGC Username: CasperRoom Name : Eu publicProofs : The replay witch he uploaded and the ban for nothing.. Explain your situation: Was a normal game and i didnt ruin at all since i played in team , had team items , had only posstive stats , imo casper went mad becouse i got the vanguard from the leaver (but he got all other items hood etc.) And when they pushed my allies were dead so i prefered just to get there rax aswell even my teammates said gogo keep pushin. but unfortunetly they just rushed our throne and game ended , so casper disaded that i game ruined just becouse i didnt back than ''alone to save the game'' lol. Hmm Fair BAN?
  3. denied

    This ban is a total abuse imo , cant say i game ruined since i was mostly teamplaying , had best team stats (and only positive) + only team items.... And my foult that casper went crazy mad and ban for nothing. he says i ruined at the end of the game btw 36-42 minute. at the END!
  4. Name : -MaNiaC-_- RGID : #240650041 Country : Bulgaria Message: Merry Xmas all , i got Birthday at 25 december so i deserve toooo winnnnnn a present :D!