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  1. denied left dar 3min payani shamel ban nis closed
  2. solved

  3. solved

    hi i banned in usa room for resone [ERROR] [USA] You are timebanned from this channel until 06:56 on 14/05/2020. Reason: (1ra No repesta pause) https://prnt.sc/sfrh2j I am Chancellor Chancellor in Iran's Chambers of Commerce and I am aware of the law of public hosts and I know that there is no order in public hosts to stop the game because it is a public host, but the admin of the US Chamber of Commerce just because I am in (public) hosts. I didn't announce the start of the game again, it deprived me my user name rgc:#gipsy abuse user rgc:ŧЋαηøs @Ganker @ace
  4. 5d ban iran room closed
  5. 3d ban iran room closed
  6. 5d ban iran room closed
  7. رد شد ایتم بوک جز ایتم هایی نیست که با برداشتن آن شامل بن شود بسته شد
  8. 3d ban iran room closed
  9. 3d ban iran room closed
  10. denied

    denied در تایم 00:52 شما هم جواب فرد خاطی رو داده اید بسته شد
  11. denied

    denied لفت در زمان 00:00 و سه دقیقه پایانی بازی شامل بن نمیشود بسته شد
  12. granted

    granted به دلیل تحریک های بسیار تایم بن فرد خاطی به یک روز کاهش پیدا میکند بسته شد
  13. granted

    3d ban iran room closed
  14. denied

    denied به فرد خاطی تذکرات لازم داده شده است بسته شد
  15. 1d ban iran room closed