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  1. solved

    Solved via PM
  2. hello i have been banned from asia public for 3 weeks. and i didn't do anything wrong and i have the replay. i was accused of feeding and being afk and playing in the same game with another hero. i had the highest rank in the game and got 24 kills and died only 2 times and was bullied. can i be unbanned please.

    Replay_2020_07_08_1916_Spiritbreaker_40m 24-2-5.w3g

    1. YinG


      kindly report here: 

         [ Unban Request ] Asia Section ► https://board.rankedgaming.com/forum/133-unban-requests/


  3. my first impression is I'm glad and I respect what you have written -- because I see your writing skills have been changed positively. I will only write 5 things and will not write more: 1- I tend to make friends through RGC - across countries/continents // lend a hand and help out users if I am able to -- I don't keep nor have any personal grudges whatever the case is. 2- I tend to master my managerial/leadership/teamwork skills while solving/debating/understanding different perspectives/situations. 3- I never insulted any human being on RGC and I will never do that -- this is who I am even in real-life 4- I tend not to unvouch staffs so easily -- windfucker- has around 3k bans in the past 8 months. He is trying his best to learn/progress on RGC. I still see that some mistakes can be forgiven given the amount of hard work a person does. Of course there is a specific threshold one cannot reach. 5- I never asked you to apologise from me or any other staff for what you did. Please go back and read my replies to your threads. I hope this serves you well have a nice day
  4. solved

    you were kicked for AFK from game AFK indicator: 10 mins ban is valid
  5. solved

    Granted terrorist_here has been unbanned by YinG.
  6. solved

    Dear @{V}e{N}o{M}- , requesting an unban for an invalid ban and/or reporting that a thread reply wasn't valid is every users' right to do. if something was invalid or a reply was insufficient we would be more than happy to proceed with examining and judging fairly. but the things ''your friends'' are saying regarding you being banned is because some users use inappropriate language while reporting/replying to these issues. as long as there is mutual respect between staffs and users, the report will be reviewed will full fairness and consideration. there is no need to over-react or be biased, on the contrary we are here to help and serve. there is no need to write low admin or f**k this admin low cu*t or whatever, -- consider this a warning for next time -- be simple, humble and to the point. Your report has been checked and the user who AFK'ed was banned, whereas ES's report isn't bannable -- he did not feed on purpose. Kindly also read this: http://prntscr.com/tekj7g which is in https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/5344-faq-important-notes/ it will show you what actually happened in your thread. thank you for reporting.
  7. granted

    Granted kavadarci_pro is now timebanned from this channel until 09:58 on 14/07/2020
  8. solved

    Granted D.CoPer has been unbanned by YinG.
  9. denied

    Denied not enough
  10. denied

    Denied no reply
  11. maphacker

    Granted 『~kaede~』 has been banned by YinG. 『~kaede~』's computer has been banned by YinG. ~Mir.|-LeSLy~ has been banned by YinG. ~Mir.|-LeSLy~'s computer has been banned by YinG.
  12. maphacker

    Granted mickoq has been banned by YinG. mickoq's computer has been banned by YinG.
  13. granted

    Granted Rape&Escape has been unbanned by YinG. one account will be unbanned and I will track your account for any suspicious acts next offense will not get you unbanned
  14. solved

    Solved bugged replay Unbanned
  15. granted

    we would've given you a chance but you bypassed 4 days ago again why would we even believe you?