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  1. solved

    According to your history I would've given you a higher ban When will you learn and growup a little? Does flaming nationality or insulting someone's country/origin make you feel better ingame? Denied and Closed.
  2. there is always at least one global admin that has IP access café/shop owners should just join support room and ask for unban -- its kinda easy
  3. There has always been a Russian Section you can see that in forum regions and in RGC rooms but I guess CIS users are in small numbers, so making a full region for them is kind of a small thing since they can play in EU
  4. solved

    Solved on Client
  5. bro where are you ? 2 days you not here :D

  6. Aid us please! your assistance would be highly appreciated!

  7. solved

    I think your problem has been fixed now try to Log-in again and if your problem persists - write again here - ill leave the thread opened for two days thank you
  8. solved

    Burdsssツ has been set 1 to prevent further abuses until @YanG solves it thank you for reporting
  9. solved
  10. solved

    Ban Expired Closed
  11. solved

    Granted by Dr.Spy
  12. I do not think this is a good idea so users who did not learn English are not allowed to chat that's kinda mean Europe has one country that is mainly English --- why would everyone know it Plus what KKS said was right- we have a wide range of multi-national multi-lingual staffs that can help in different languages.
  13. Regarding emojis in rgc chat I suggest at first allowing it in PMs(thru shop payment) and chat rooms (can be turned on/off by higher access globals -- being paid for it by channel owners -- can be added to shop) I think in public rooms - it'll be crowded and used in a bad way-- the main purpose of removing colors from main chat was to make it visible/clear/neat - im sure several users will abuse using it and it will get us the same result
  14. Note : Software Developers/Programmers interested in working either as internship or Part/Full time jobs with our development team kindly send your cv to [email protected]