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  1. Your RGC Username: Cardi.BAbuser RGC Username: M_O_B_ARoom Name : MongoliaProofs : your situation: He abusing players much of times i have much of proofs. He banned me Lod Mongolia banned me for because of this + banned me Mongolia for not enough reason banned me because of this. 2nd Thing: M_O_B_A banned FuCk..NoUram on Mongolia the ban is invalid bcuz FuCk..NoUram flamed M_O_B_A in Marshal Channel then he banned on Mongolia. he banned really dummy reason @Ace @Hakka @Sanin @Cedric @MoON Thanks RGC Staffs.
  2. Team Name: Team GT Team Captain: Haleron Team Member: babyboss· Team Reserve:
  3. Team Name: Kenji Team Captain: ocoxoo. Team Member: `Wh|te Team Reserve:
  4. Your RGC Username: Cardi.BAbuser RGC Username: Toten`Room Name : PH.ToursProofs : your situation: He flamed Mongolians & Racism , [19:13] FG.Toten`: mongoloidds [19:13] FG.Toten`: mongoloids @Ace @Hakka
  5. Team Name: Legends Team Captain: Cardi.B Team Members: 1. Phd.DotaZ 2. Ez.TemFunau 3. LeGoZiT 4. -weeD`NapP- Team Reserve: 1. Kyroky... 2. Misora
  6. Team Name: 1st Team Captain: _COVER_ Team Member: Nyltsaadai Team Reserve: ocoxoo.
  7. !AGREE ME TOO I HAVE ABUSED LOD MONGOLIA. My all bans invalid so please clear it @Hakka I have 7type of bans. 4type of bans unbanned by Invalid reason. the other 3 ban is wrong/invalid ban: i hope you to clear my banlist.
  8. Sir Dear Cheker :- RGC Username: Cardi.B :- Abuser: M_O_B_A :- Second time: abuse. :- Room: Lod Mongolia that M_O_B_A abused me with 1 time then i told him for why you abused me... after he banned me again. @Dr.Spy
  9. Your Display Name: Cardi.BReported Display Name: M_O_B_AReason: That Staff banned me not enough reason.Room: Mongolia [ERROR] [Mongolia] You are timebanned from this channel until 05:57 on 09/11/2018. Reason: illegal adv :- Remove that staff. :-All asians Automatically joining Asia Public , when Login RGC. :-If i type any asia channel for: Type Asia Public = get ban. Thanks Dear cheker. -With Respect Cardi.B @Hakka @Froz @Sanin @Amen
  10. Team Name: Legends Team Captain: Cardi.B Team Member: KHORTYTSA Team Reserve: N/A
  11. Team Name : Mongolia Team Captain : NFS.MN Team Member : MN.Nevermore Team Reserve :
  12. Team Name: Kenji GodS Team Captain: ocoxoo. Team Member: |[email protected]| Team Reserve:
  13. Team Name: Warlockers Team Captain; Cardi.B Team Member: ocoxoo.
  14. Team Name : Legends Team Captain : Cardi.B Team Members : 1. Ex0rc!sT.mN 2. LAST|Losen 3. @Archangel 4. V.shAzam. Team Reserved : 1. Jansaa 2. bataabataa
  15. Game Info: Format: Single Elimination Final game will be best of 3 Map: [519] IMBA_v1.0_en.w3x Time: 11 RMT Date: November 24 , 2018 ( Saturday ) Room: (Asia) ImbaDotA Hostbot: .SG ( Asian Bot ) Item Restrictions: Blade Mail Black King Bar Linken Sphere Shiva's Guard InGame Rules: Mode -arakdmndssfremsculntnbbb. RMK after FIRSTBLOOD is NOT ALLOWED. Before pausing / resuming the game ask your opponent & the duration of max pause is one minute. The First team to get 47kills or destroy the Tree of life Or Frozen throne will be the winner. Backdoor is strictly PROHIBITED. Multi Accounts Not Allowed + Dummy Accounts. +100 Games in Profile to participate Tournament Format: Team Name: (Asia) ImbaStaffs Team Captain: Cardi.B Team Member: ๖Myut Team Reserve: ocoxoo. Special thanks to Ayman and Hakka for making this tour possible!