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  1. solved

    https://prnt.sc/pgg8dm thanks. @Hakka , @Cedric , @MoON ,
  2. I've revieved the replay , this is the right exact time , when mirana hero made a good blind arrow , and stopped to enemy hero kill his mate, its worth to check. 1. WHAT MIRANA DO IN GAME : The real time is : from 15:17min to the 15:24sec, he made a deliberate arrow because the know roughly that , magnus want come there , arow thrown in advance, worth a check. I make this for my friend bcs he missed the time of mirana arow. thanks . AND TO ADD JUST OTHERS COMPONENTS FOR CORRECT REPORT, because he forgotten it 2.name of player : IWCG-$hortY 3.Serbia 4.uploaded replay http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1567099993 5.hero mirana 6.war3 version 1.26 7. THANKS @LOL-_-FUCK
  3. granted

    1.My rgc username : U_Talking_To_Me 2.Name of afk player : MamaMiaWoop It was uncertain game, where we was stronger, we broke them mid and make mega creeps. That player blood sekker (hero), haved a good items to little help us to win a game easyly. But he was afk just when we need him in couple of last fights. He was afk almost from 52-53min to the end of game . Where we could win easyly, only that he appeared. 3. Uploaded replay : http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1569785384 4. He was afk almost 7-10 min, where game be uncertain, where we almost win . 5. Thanks.
  4. @Bakerolls76 znas vrv vec, al nmv. e al izacicemo mi u wo dota, al za kupusijadu 2041
  5. @Bakerolls76 eee sven, moras prvo da udjes ovde , tu nadji replay taj i uploaduj ga prosto je http://parser.rankedgaming.com/ https://prnt.sc/pc4lts https://prnt.sc/pc4m63 i sajt ti sam uploaduje taj replay i da ti link gore u cosku https://prnt.sc/pc4o14 jbg treba ti 3-4 koraka da bi dosao do linka od replaya . drugacije neces izaci u woo dota , mozemo da izadjemo samo u dota fails
  6. Sorry im forget, War3 version is : 1.26
  7. FIRST REPLAY : 1. Rgc username: U_Talking_To_Me 2. Hero: Ursa 3. Country: Serbia 4. What i do in game: , Barathum charge on me , and everyone use teleports to support bara on bot-lane to kill me, (all 4), than all 5 start to hunt me. Im pulling back a little, but im turn back and make rempage. 5. The time when they started to hunt me to the rempage is : from 17:35sec to 18:20sec 6. Uploaded replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1569637535 SECOND REPLAY : 1. Rgc username: U_Talking_To_Me 2. Hero: Ursa again 3. Country: Serbia 4. What i do in game: Im start going to top lane with my mates, than invoker mate give me alacrity speed spell and im jump with dagger near their tower in almost 5 enemy heroys and start killing. Im make double kill , and after double kill i haved less than 100hp. I just waited to die i had no way out from their base. But my mate SandKing hero is come and support me with his stun right on time , where i making +2 kills, =ultra kill , on less than 40-50hp,. After that im still waited to die becouse i give poison spell from enemy hero ahasha, where then sandking just denay me. lol , and teleported himself to the base. 5. Time when that start is from: 16:26sec to 17:00sec 6. Uploaded replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1569638598 7. Maybe these two replays won't come out in WoDota, but its worth to check. >> And thanks again in advance, becouse i know it will. Lol? , If not in WoDota, than will out in WoDota fails for sure. WTF LOL @LOL-_-FUCK Thanks you, for your time
  8. solved

    All have a right for one chance per year .So i will think you will be unbanned good luck ask admins for one chance = last chance ,
  9. denied

    1. my rgc name : U_Talking_To_Me 2. name of leaver : YZ14017 (-barathum hero-) 3. he non stop die agressive 5-15 score, and leave after he die, when game is not over jet . 4. time when he leave 47:12, +, - 2-3 sec. >>> http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1569362947 5. thanks , and he is agressive rage leaver.
  10. solved

    @zozozoe @Hakka >>> (1). Your RGC username : U_Talking_To_Me (2). The RGC username of the one you are reporting : hexor (3). Reason of kick us all out from room= no reasson, just power I was staff in beta tests, i get unvouch for 100 % no reason, i act there like normal staff , calling people to play, defending evryone , im ban leavers how they deserve it. I do not allow spam, I watch no one make any problems, I folow all the rules, im acitve staff in betta 24/7, and today i see this https://prnt.sc/p8egao Until yesterday i was so normal staff, everyone was praising me, and did everything the bigger admins tell me , and get unvouch for no 1 valid reason ?. I confirm everything what say @GodSoFaR to the last word. And i just want to say that the couple of 1-maybe 2, staffs alone give to @syduck to control their host , im a witness where the they staffs tell him , (Take control of this host until i come because i have to ban the player who was leave last game ), and syduck answer is ok man, go fast . He never ask first to control alone their hosts. They ask for it , and please him, what is he to do their job of staffs. + @hexOr insult him whitout a reason https://prnt.sc/p8d22b until yesterday i was a staff , i played with syduck 2 weeks, and i never have that problem, in a couple of cases im alone asked him to swap players in room who are with him, because he can do it faster , until i finish some staffs duties until the room is full. All staffs and hexor jumped on him , because he call his mates to play with him , for save his position on ladder, because he doesnt want to other players to lose his almost every second game ,he give every staff member to play on his team. But when they lose his game , normally he will no longer play with them and call his mates, Thats why evryone gets angry because they cant beat him on the leader, because he call the strongest players to play with him which is right. And that is not his problem because he has a team. But problem is in staffs and others regular players who dont have a team . Thats why the whole problem turned out. And for the end , : He was kicking staff out of the room, because he didnt want to swap syduck mates with syduck , and wanted to start a game more than once with syduck mates.Thats the only honest reason for the kick. And because doesnt want to play with staff who lose him almost every game , and non stop chasing him to play with syduck.(that is the same staff- Dr.Alex.kt ) AND I STILL DONT KNOW WHY ALL THE STAFFS WHERE ABUSED AND KICKED OUT OF ROOM, FOR NO REASON, BY @hexOr , dear admins, >>> THANKS TO UNDERSTANDING ME <<< @zozozoe @Hakka . thanks . and >>> THANKS TO UNDERSTANDING ME <<<
  11. solved

    @xStranac. @Casper @Cedric @Rodney_Trotter , I confirm everything what says xStranac. Because that person Dembe or bosnjak, deliberately enters the serbia room just to spam. With multiple different accounts, for example he cursed my dead mother for no reason. > https://prnt.sc/p2urhm what the print screen says in us language, means, (fucking your dead mother), I please admins to stop this man , he repeats the same thing and does not stop there. Thanks .
  12. solved

    Dear admins , @[email protected]@[email protected]@Darkness @[email protected]@Captain I just want to repeat the report for man who made an account with same name as me U_Talking_To_Me with one letter difference, you can clearly see there is a difference in letter L. Because the admin Ace will either not understand, or don't know what it's about. Because he sent me a print screen for my ban reason, and this is it https://prnt.sc/p0452z from there is this prtscr, http://prntscr.com/o5gdz0... it's the same as this https://prnt.sc/oyyy4w which I reworked into prtscr to better explain how the man hacked me, and both of them prtscr see the same thing in letter L ,And if i'm wrong why that account is not banned from USAip adress, from that account is maked racism messages fake acc, from my account is not , i give prt scr and explain 3 times in a row, and how then if i'm wrong i'm not banned on account from usa than my real one from serbia., One more time , this is my account https://prnt.sc/oyzv1c and this is fake account like me , who made NvM.RefresherZ~, https://prnt.sc/oyzwio both of these accounts are his because both are from the USAip. But me is from Serbia ,I'm sorry . Time when he made that fake illegal account is time when he chat with me , after 1 min all about , after his 4 message i give momentally ban after 3-4 sec. and this report is exclusive for he stole my name , hack me, and bring me ban=5 days ?, not for bypass of which he speak non stop, avoids this topic, talking about something else, this is a bigger thing than bypass, bypass is second dangerous thing, which should come to order, but after this . And im please to admin @Ace to not to close my report so easily, because he give me a reasson for my ban, and i put it here to all can see And show that i was right. Because maybe you didn't even realize there were 2 same but different names and that's why you said so easily that I was a racist and give me printscreen reasson, and closed my report for bypasser-hacker. And if you dont know how to solve report, or you didn't understand becouse it happened quickly , better put report on PENDING, its better than solved or closed but wrong, with wrong reasson. But that is not a problem ,, .. just correct this mistake please https://prnt.sc/p04og6 Since im right. Dear admins, @Hakka @Cedric @MoON @Captain @KKS @Darkness @Casper @Ace I would like this kind of hacking to stop, and i expect after that you will thank me for finding you a danger for rgc platform. https://prnt.sc/p04u3a Thanks for understanding me
  13. solved

    ...Something can be learned from this report..., and how to make good hard real report. And everyone can draw lessons from this report, from admin, through staffs to players... >>> And sorry for im doing the rgc platform job very well hard, me like regular player. , Thanks to me and , >>> Thanks for Understanding me... and this report is exclusive for he stole my name , hack me, and bring me ban=5 days ?, not for bypass of which he speak non stop, avoids this topic, talking about something else, this is a bigger thing than bypass, bypass is second dangerous thing, which should come to order, but after this .
  14. hi dear admins, @[email protected]@[email protected]@Darkness @[email protected]@Captain i found the hacker man, please to resolve this ,i already reported this, in EU abuse section like big threat to all the admins and players, but this is a hack? and here's another one just in case https://prnt.sc/oyyy4w , https://prnt.sc/oyzv1c https://prnt.sc/oyzwio https://prnt.sc/oyzxx1 https://prnt.sc/oyzzxa https://prnt.sc/oz01fk NEW GENERATION OF HACKING 2019 ?? ! Thanks for understanding me ..And i think i deserve a thanks from all of you for this report, and i may need to be appointed support staff since i found you the biggest threat , since there is RGC PLATFORM. >>> thanks .