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  1. denegado

    @Sanin but also with this, i have 1 ban who is not valid https://prnt.sc/s97sg1 im right ?
  2. denegado

    I can't play for some people , non stop they chasing and checking my banhistory so they can find me . then they ppl spoil me in games abuse , racism . And when i make new account , after one day searching through my banhistory they find my new account through my old account where im banned . And so everything in a circle. https://prnt.sc/s974xl https://prnt.sc/s975mn https://prnt.sc/s975tp https://prnt.sc/s976tu https://prnt.sc/s2gfyg https://prnt.sc/s2gnfl https://prnt.sc/s2gmay i have 2 hard folowers, spammers, abusers, from USA , one of them is old bypasser who change flag non stop and chasing me , most via my banhistory. When i make new acc, its the same after lil time they find me via banhistory bcs they add me for friend on rgc , and non stop chasing me , and i have 2 news from Romania flag also, spoil me abuse , racism, and more, more . hard 4 folowers, maybe 5 6. nvm To get away from them somehow , i need a clean banhistory and when i create a new acc then they cant find me more , via my banhistory, they have me for friend on old one, but i will move and play on new one for their spoil , abuse spam ! And another thing i have one ban who is not Valid for sure . here it is >>> 1. https://prnt.sc/s97n6m >>> 2. https://prnt.sc/s97r64 >>> 3. https://prnt.sc/s97sg1 thanks for understanding me , and these ppl , i need 0 banhistory and move on new acc for they for sure ! @[email protected]@[email protected]@Sanin
  3. solved

    nick: U_Talking_To_Me Evidence for my leave and ban : 1. https://prnt.sc/rnsooj 2. https://prnt.sc/rnrmmw This time im leave -(FIRST TIME IN 2020 YEAR)- but Im not leave rage from game, my game score 5/5, i leave bcs i must to go somewhere that moment, and thats all. Check my game logs i never leave , i just have sometimes power failure at home , or fatal eror crashes. Thats all . https://prnt.sc/rnrrix thanks. @Casper @Darkness @Windfucker- @Captain
  4. error, sry.
  5. solved

    error, sorry.
  6. pfff, all heroys is balanced, mkb = ez mort. hahahaha
  7. denied

    my rgc nick : U_Talking_To_Me I trust all what say Nikiton, because i played with this, 亲Lustmond亲 many times whenever he pick invoker or eny -midder-picker, and when he play badly, he won't deliberately play. He then forces his team to lose, and deliberately screws them. Like going wood solo, let temmates to die, steals and denay creeps from his temmates, and is intentionally a little afk, very bad he plays for his team, when not at his will. ! Look the replay, and teach him at least a little , how to not be a antigamer-ruiner. !- And how to use this platform for gaming and good fun, not just for fighting. ! TY @Captain @Windfucker- @Darkness i forget to put 2 print screens , where he banned (8.2.2020) for the same reasson-antigamer or spoiler 1. https://prnt.sc/r079j3 2. https://prnt.sc/r07c2z and now new report > (10.2.2020) > https://prnt.sc/r07hzy