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  1. Team : BFH Captain : Stinger Members: Pouya , Avril , _133 , RF.FEEDER , Peyman__G1
  2. Team name : BFH Captain : Stinger Members: Pouya RF.Fedder Peyman__g1 Avril _133
  3. solved

    I am asking SA event admins to provide my team with 5 hero skins because of this unfairly disqualifying. We could easily win Serenity in finals if we were playing in Best Of Sa's place as we won them in 3rd round. I don't want this to be only a warning to SA event Admins but a punishment for them because they sided with Anke against us. I am politely asking for justice as always. What's wrong is WRONG!
  4. solved

    Also to mention Enigma said ''MOI is in charge of this event and I can't do anything about it.'' When they make us wait and then say Best Of Sa has reached semi-finals we can't go back. We were the strongest team in the tour and we had obvious potential and that's how they get rid of us and disqualify us. This way Best Of Sa reaches the final ============> https://challonge.com/Bolcw_24_mayo_2020
  5. With all due respect, we played last night in a tour in bolivia cw with prizes of 5 skins of heroes https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/1239099-torneo-bolivia-cw/ We won the first 2 rounds easy and got to play vs Best of Sa. https://ladder.rankedgaming.com/game.php?room=759&gid=6559703 Once we won them and started to play vs Army of Wosito they told us we have been diqualified and Best Of Sa plays 4th round not us. We complained to Staff such as Enigma and Moi as well as Yiyo and others and they told us we have to wait. The thing was they said Sunshine = russianeagle who played the 1st round with us and he uses maphack but we won the the rest 2 games without him in our team. Also to mention I dont let my players never ever use maphack because I know its unfair and i dont want win with cheating I want real win. Even russianeagle has sweared to hakka that he never uses mh ever again. Best of Sa lost to us and Anke has aksed MOI to disqualify us and let them go upper bracket. I asked enigma and MOI they said they are checking and after 2 hours they come back saying Best Of SA has reached semi finals we can't go back no more. Sorry You are welcome next tour. We win game and get disqualified for no reason even admins knew they are being unfair on us. A losing team goes up bracket just because they have rank. Even Army of Wosito didnt play vs Best Of Sa because they wanted to play against the real winner which was us and admins disqualified them too. This was an obvious misusing power in SA event and I am just disappointed as a experienced gamer in client where they misuse power in events. hope someone chases this and people who are behind the curtains get punished. Thanks
  6. Title : TCO Captain : Pouya members : lHiro_Nakamura , GOLDHACKERXAXAX , Kenny , SunSh1Nee subs: 4EveR.A.KinG . Russianeagle
  7. Name : The Chosen Ones Title : TCO Captain : Pouya 2nd member : GodOfmove 3rd member : lHiro_Nakamura 4th member : Kenny 5th member : SunSh1Nee Sub : 4ever.a.king
  8. granted

    Can I request an unban as they kick afked me during the game when I was afk for 3 4 minutes only? It won't hapen again
  9. granted

    So basically what happened was i was got answered in pm from zoe in min 15 of the game about unbanning GiveMeHugBaby and I paused the game tried to ask for a second chance for him and filip1997 resumed the pause cuz he wanted to go sleep and kick afked me without highlighting me in the room or any notice. I didnt ruin or leave the game by intention thats all that happened.
  10. granted

    I was laggy and couldnt play and game was totally unbalanced and lose anyways so I left confirming by my teammates. Can I get a second chance? It will not happen again. Thanks