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  1. BLACK LISTED USERS: Divided by regions and listed by alphabet order for easier searching, please make sure they are not inside your team because that will be violating rules. Please report to tournament admins if you see them playing! 1 valid report = 100 rgds prize. (will be updated frequently) SA: Elvistwo<3 llGabO.oll |Hartman. 彡Mizuki彡 zhamar EU: Alija^ armin_kinG BEZZZOBBRAZEN BurNIng Cherabadi? _d00m_ dota.player_ GiveMeHugBaby GL.RiVorN IR.Rebel KONJINA Ks.DarK^^MooN [L]orenzo`FTW NoMoreMaybies ASIA: BelongtoNoWhere -FAUXNiM RGC.Miracle- Kurama.- untill 15th May 2021 BLACK LISTED CLANS: OLDF Rabbits SATANIK! TDK NAVI