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  1. if you dont stop to lie, i'll compban you. 1. i baned you after you played in romania channel, bcuz you flamed the owner of the room on main chat, and you threatened us that you will leave rgc and you will never play here, i baned you on romania, and you start flame me on (eu) Public. thats why you was baned on (eu) Public too.
  2. Romania Community:In order to gain access to this closed community with mid+/hs players you either need to be a direct friend of any staff member who are willing to vouch you, or you have to post a vouch request. The vouch request is going to determine for us if you are suitable for this community, as we do not tolerate any kinds of noob-play, game ruin, racism, flame et cetera.Those actions will either make you get timebanned or directly unvouched - depending on the sereverity of the above mentioned ill-actions. Application format:Your RGC nick: *State your RGC nick*Brief text about yourself: *ex. Your age, name, residence, nationality*DotA experience: *You can mention several things here, which rooms/platforms you have been playing DotA - and for how long you have been DotA player*DotA skill: *How good do you consider yourself skillwise? (ls/ms/ms+/hs)*DotA roles: *Support, roamer/ganger, semi-carry, carry, hardcarry*RGC stats: *Give the URL'(s) of your stats in any kinds of room*Any application that does not meet this requirement will be ignored or denied.PS: Only cm/cd modes are allowed, so if you don't have a clue about those modes don't bother.
  3. ✔ Black Version ✔ White Version Download Here Link was updated and the skins works with the new rgc version How To Install: Put This Folders (see image) In Ranked Gaming Client / Skins Restart RGC . Go Menu/ Settings / Other and Choose your favorit skin.
  4. ✔ Zodiac HUD ✔ Jelly Roger ✔ Alliance Hud ✔ Radiant Entity ✔ Radiant Ore ✔ Familiar woods Download Links ✔ Zodiac HUD ✔ Jelly Roger ✔ Alliance Hud ✔ Radiant Entity ✔ Radiant Ore ✔ Familiar woods How to Install. Just put all this files in your warcraft 3 and install "enable" (see the image) VIDEO options in warcraft 3- check "TEXTURE QUALITY=HIGH"