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  1. Its not happening on map, its when the map starts when you pick hero there is mirage on your circle of some kind of SKIN for that specific hero, and when you click it , it prompts browser to buy that skin, classic advertisement scheme ;D
  2. Go back to being spoon-fed pleb.. 10x Bye.
  3. Are you serious with me now or what?... He was RGC Staff,!!!!!! He was supposed to help EVERYONE who needed help... Go back to bed. thx...
  4. Ok , some of you already know Cedric is demoted so i wanna run for position of *RGC Senior Staff* My qualifications are: -i can easily flame many people at the same time (using almost every known language on this platform) -i am comfortable with hiding my own abuse threads and closing them with !Denied message -I am willing to waste every second of time spent on the client ignoring people and treating them like shit -i solemnly swear i will give ranks whoever carries me through games and i will ban whoever dares to type on all chat, even when they want to congratulate on good gank or good game. My prior jobs: -When i was 11 my mother used me as tea table when her friends would come over for a tea. -When i was 14 i worked for butcher shop, they inforced new law where butchers were not allowed to hammer pigs to death, so they would dim the lights and let the pig lose and i would jump out of nowhere in front of the sad pig and i would scare him to death (quite LITERALLY). -Latest thing was i prusued career of a model, but my mother said i was more for a model(mannequin) for testing car crashes. Here is fresh pic of me: PS: I am the one with the glasses.
  5. Ladies and Gentleman.... okay,... HE STANDS FOR THIS,, someone call developers, there's so much shit for them to do,
  6. Are you capable of understanding what you are asking right there? (if i get this right) a bot that knows when someone misbehaves , a bot that knows when someone did fine job of handling spam/arguement/or whatever conflict there is on chat.. a bot that knows how to read people and their ambition... a bot that is capable of understanding human nature(emotions etc..) If there is anyone on this platform who is capable of doing this, he wouldn't be here to program bot to do so, he/she would be on some government black site, probably NSA or CIA secret facility where they`d hold him/her captive(waterboard him/her) until he/she yields and makes that program for them, then he/she gets thrown on some "drug known" street overdosed on who knows what and conclusion is; He/she committed suicide using unknown drug cocktail cause of depression??? get to your fucking senses and stop living in the wonderland,
  7. Makes me moist.