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  1. Name - Young|Boss RGID - 238108506 Country - USA , CANADA Message : Hay wassuppp y'all , It's your boi young here! . Have A Glorious Merry Christmas & Prosperous New Year Blessings to y'all. Enjoy Your Holidays
  2. , Thank You Sir @SweetDusky
  3. Your RGC Name - Young|Boss 🏎 Age - 22 🎟 Country - United States 🇺🇸 And Canada 🇨🇦 (Dual Citizenship Status) 🎖 Languages - English / Mandrain Chinese How Often Active Are you - Usually Active On Everyday For 4-5 Hours Except Weekends ⏰⏰ Where Do You Play - At Home 💻 P.S I’m Handsome Too.
  4. Yes, but it kinda sucks
  5. If you said so
  6. Can you give more details?
  7. Yeah, that's the one I been using for a long time ago. What do you think dude?
  8. You had vaild bans, i'm afraid it's not possible to get clean banhistory.
  9. Your RGC Username: Young|Boss Abuser RGC Username: eupubfaggots Room Name : (EU) Public Proofs : , , , 27:59 ALLCHAT eupubfaggots asian down syndromed face 28:12 ALLCHAT eupubfaggots u suck as ur nick 28:16 ALLCHAT eupubfaggots fucking yellow jipsy 30:30 ALLCHAT eupubfaggots iranian black race faggot 30:42 PRIVATE eupubfaggots stfu 30:43 PRIVATE eupubfaggots muslim jipsy 30:49 PRIVATE eupubfaggots i pee on ur mothers grave 30:51 PRIVATE eupubfaggots retarded allah believer 30:58 ALLCHAT eupubfaggots iranian black race trashes 31:24 SENTINEL eupubfaggots belarus dog 31:29 SENTINEL eupubfaggots son of a whore 32:03 SENTINEL eupubfaggots romanian son of a whore 32:06 SENTINEL eupubfaggots i pee on ur mothers grave 32:41 SENTINEL eupubfaggots sklelet 32:46 SENTINEL eupubfaggots fucking muslim 32:47 SENTINEL eupubfaggots son of a whore 33:01 SENTINEL eupubfaggots i pee on ur mothers grave 33:03 SENTINEL eupubfaggots muslim dogshit 33:48 SENTINEL eupubfaggots i pee on ur mothers grave 33:51 SENTINEL eupubfaggots now u do 34:04 SENTINEL eupubfaggots algerian dogshit 34:11 ALLCHAT eupubfaggots prohibited asian dog face syndrom 35:16 SENTINEL eupubfaggots muslim slave 35:17 SENTINEL eupubfaggots skelet 35:27 SENTINEL eupubfaggots i hope ur family dies 35:28 SENTINEL eupubfaggots asap 35:59 SENTINEL eupubfaggots romanian brain diseased cancer trash 36:52 SENTINEL eupubfaggots romanian slave 37:44 ALLCHAT eupubfaggots pathetic asian dogface syndrome 39:56 ALLCHAT eupubfaggots asian dogface syndrome 42:05 ALLCHAT eupubfaggots asian dogface syndrom 46:02 ALLCHAT eupubfaggots small dick asian syndrome 52:17 PRIVATE eupubfaggots grave 52:17 PRIVATE eupubfaggots i pee on ur mothers 52:19 PRIVATE eupubfaggots muslim dogshit 52:23 PRIVATE eupubfaggots terroristic fuck Explain your situation: As you can see in the chat logs , this guy really should deserve a comp ban due to his massive insults to others races / religions / parents. Thank you .
  10. If you are looking powerful video editor , I recommend this one
  11. Reporting (Username) : s_spawN| Room : Middle East Reason : Leaver Replay : Timestamps : s_spawN| Leaves the Game on Purpose on 09:15 , so we have to play 4 vs 5.