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  1. !Granted `C`h`I`d`O`r`I` is now timebanned from this channel until 07:53 on 14/11/2018 thanks for reporting
  2. UNBAN SAME IP RustBay ReccaCollins Senpaikasusuhan
  3. QWE
  4. ➪ Your RGC IGN: RECCACOLLins ➪ Your name , age & gender: ReccaQuirante , 20 , Male ➪ Your country of location: Philippines ➪ Your online RMT time: from RMT 8:00 to 15:00 ➪ Rate your English from 1-10: 8.5 ➪ Introduce yourself to us: Im A Good And respective player on lod asia.i can focus on lod asia because im handling only tournaments. ➪ Share some experience as a staff (if any): Im Have been staff in (asia) imbadota since 2017 ➪ What would you do under these circumstances: 1. A player calls you noob in a LoD Game I Ignore him 2. A player calls you noob in LoD Asia chat lobby I will kick him 3. You have a problem with LoD Asia Channel Manager none