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  1. his name 1game9noobs (&1animal) about 20-21 mins next to the shrine, I dropped my 2nulls to regen quickly but he picked up them and ignored to give back regardless of that he avoided most fights in this game to help us attached Replay_2021_10_12_1546_Faerie Dragon_41m 18-10-2.w3g
  2. granted

    reporting sven from the start of the game didn' help the team and gave divine to void in the end parser doesn't work. here's a link but I admit I ruined the game ban pls
  3. wrong section
  4. granted

    game has desynced. main game scores are different from the game record results
  5. closed

    Provide 3 timestamps for each reported user at least
  6. denied

    !Unsupport 32:15 Druid had a prior vision. 34:10 Normal fight nothing suspicious. 36:50 Durid farming in woods normally. Gamelog-
  7. denied

    Denied Time's up. you can resubmit a new thread by following the required information above
  8. denied

    kindly insert 3 exact timestamps at least, correct your thread within 48 hours.
  9. denied

    Fogs clicks might get delay, plus some items that aren't added to the replay that's a known bug.
  10. granted

    name tomas12947 feed and afk, kicked by afk boot system the last two minutes of the game
  11. denied

    Only a single suspicious move isn't enough to verify a maphack report.
  12. closed

    kindly add 3 exact timestamps at least within 48 hours.
  13. closed

  14. closed

    feel free to report any maphack use with proper proofs