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  1. staff1-2-3

    !Unsupport 07:05 Jakiro goes to pick up bottom's rune. Normal 11:30 Once again Jakiro picks up rune normally. 25:07 Jakiro casts his spell having vision by a sentry ward. Normal Gamelog-
  2. staff1-2-3

    !Unsupport 10:10 Akasha had a little pre-seeing of Sven. 15:30 Akasha goes hunting Sven anew with a prior vision. Literally normal gameplay. Gamelog-
  3. staff1-2

    !Unsupport 15:50 Akasha uses DD and goes to gank, and was sure someone was around. As only one opponent player appears on mini-map. Normal 27:50 Akasha had a vision of Lion. Normal 22:50 Akasha putting sentry exactly in the correct place without a prior-vison. Suspicious 52:30 Akasha was progressing normally and Veno showed up. Normal Gamelog-
  4. solved

  5. denied

    !Unsupport 13:00 Lanaya goes to gank in opponent's jungle since Kunkka wasn't noticed in mini-map for a while. Normal 14:10 Lanya progresses to kill Sky which was noticeable le by an observer-ward. Normal 15:50 Lanya picks up haste rune and directs to gank in the most related area of his position which is completely normal. 18:05 Lanaya goes to help his teammate but Sky showed up there. Normal 19:20 Everyone is alive and none showing on lanes so Lanaya progressed to reveal fog in jungle. Normal 21:45 Lanaya had planted his ulty where Sky was in so he used it and used his blink to kill him. Normal 23:13 Lanaya had a vision of Necro. Normal Obviously, the player isn't low-skilled and these actions are totally normal. Gamelog-
  6. denied

    kindly provide 3 suspicious movements at least you can reply on this thread including the timestamps by 48 hours
  7. denied

    !Unsupport 24:00 Windrunner goes to pick up runes meanwhile Zeus trying to do. (Normal) 26:50 Windrunner was farming in jungle normally but Mirana showed up there. (Normal) 32:40 Windrunner uses signals on opponent's jungle while none appearing on mini-map. (Normal) Gamelog- Windrunner goes to pick up runes, meanwhile, Zeus trying to do.
  8. denied

    !Unsupport 22:30 Pudge had a prior vision of Sniper while attacking creeps. he kept following him remotely and when he got another vision Pudge hooked him. (Normal) 25:50 Pudge throws a hook in a try to hunt Weaver while weaver was too far. (Normal) 26:20 Pudge hooks Sniper in jungle while having a vision from the placed observer ward next to him. (Normal) Literally normal gameplay Gamelog-
  9. denied

    !Unsupport Boyzxc? kept an eye on his hero status during the game. Nothing suspicious. Gamelog-
  10. solved

    Patching the game or downloading the map anew will not help. It's absolutely related to your graphics card, either your GPU damaged or its drivers out-of-date.
  11. denied

    !Unsupport 6:00 & 6:50 Picking up runes can be complete luck, we shouldn't count on it. 11:54 Since nobody was showing on the mini-map so he was heading to check jungle. (Normal) 16:50 Razor again in a try to gank, If he was aware of Lina, Zombie and SF were exist there he wouldn't go. in other words, a Maphack user won't start a fight against 3 heroes. Elapsed time: 17:50 Game time: 15:10 everybody knows bounties runes respawn every 5minutes, therefore, he progressed to take them plus SF showed up there, (Normal) Gamelog-
  12. maphacker

    !Support 10:12 Slayer places a sentry ward instantly after Phoenix ward and destroys it (Suspicious) 10:40 Slayer goes straight into the woods to kill Sniper (Suspicious) 15:00 Slayer went to Jungle but Sniper appeared there. It would be normal but due to the other moves mentioned, he was planning to kill Sniper from the beginning. (MH) 18:50 Slayer progressed accurately on Sniper (MH) 20: 37 Slayer costs stun in a try to hit Phoenix in Fog completely. (MH) Gamelog-
  13. denied

    !Unsupport 11:10 Tiny had a prior vision of Kunkka (Normal) 13:30 Tiny uses his toss on AM, Before the arrival of Pudge. (Normal) Nothing suspicious. Gamelog-
  14. denied

    Time's up.
  15. denied

    !Unsupport 43:19 Witch doctor trying to destroy the sentry, therefore, Windrunner got a vision of him and proceeded to kill him instantly (Normal) 49:32 Windrunner had a prior vision of Ursa. (Normal) 55:41 Windrunner watching through an observer ward. (Normal) Gamelog-