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  1. solved

    yes i hope so, i sent your report about this bug on email to development-team. thank you for informing us.
  2. solved

    this problem is a lot rarely to get, so that this dosen't mean that should not be reported, almost i play dota everyday currently this problem happens 2% with me ~ can be fixed if you AltTab from war3 close the room you singed in and open it again then you will be able to join the host. about this issue after the start of the game everyone disconnects this bug happenes only after the patch for few days and we didn't got any report about it yet.
  3. solved

    [scalao was last seen on 15:38 - 21/08/2019] closed.
  4. solved

  5. you are posting in incorrect section, if you u want to apply for unban request repost there>
  6. Since dev-team is aware of this issue this topic will be locked.
  7. solved

    iranians currently are impossible to play/Login fr bot, in case you are worrying how to play in .fr Bots you need to look for good vpn. but i wonder if you can login RGC or not, im actually didn't get what you meaning exactly can you provide more details
  8. solved

  9. You are getting fake or old screenshots to post it here and making fun of it , you were warned before in Support channel to stop trolling. if you post any useless topics again, it'll be forward it to higher staff and may result in ban. closed
  10. denied

    !Unsupport. 18:45 Doom back to Lanya cause he thought she uses her spell there. ( any smart player would do the same) 19:47 There was observer ward. 21:50 Had vision of observer-ward again. Game-log
  11. solved

    @isaac hi, there is application named " vcredist_x86 " on your RGC folder install it and your issue will get fixed. closed
  12. solved

  13. solved

    if you had verified email address with your account then you can contact Hakka or Moon via e-mail; Hakka: [email protected] MoON: [email protected] Closed.
  14. solved

    upolad your picture from this link then copy the second link and paste it on your avatarr slot. for more informations about How to Upload Profile Picture; Closed.
  15. Closed.