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  1. denied

    Time's up.
  2. granted proNoob99lw
  3. closed

    the game is desynced. this is a known rare bug. Explanation about desynced games and how to avoid it.
  4. granted

    reporting: Invoker afking 2-3 mins after every respawn
  5. denied

    kindly supply 3 timestamps at least. 48 hours to correct your report.
  6. solved

    Refer here kindly let me know the result in the mentioned thread.
  7. solved

    Try putting ".W3g" at the end of the replay name, for example, "Sniper.w3g" or "Lastreplay.w3g" and then upload your replay to the parser, it should be uploaded successfully.
  8. denied

    !Unsupport 10:20 Goes to kill Sniper using invisible rune. Normal 14:30 Used sentry in an uncommon place. Suspicious. 17:22 Uses sentry in a well-known position. Normal. Gamelog-
  9. denied

    war3 closed instantly after the game started, dumb
  10. granted
  11. granted

    reporting ImM-n0oBBb
  12. solved

    In case you encounter this issue anew, feel free to tell us about it again.
  13. closed

    Banned by Dr.spy for bypassing.
  14. closed

    !Unsupport 27:50 Normal gank on woods with an invisible rune. Normal 29:00 Used dagger on Axe while farming crepes. Normal 29:20 After seeing Neutrals being killed newly, he's headed towards the opponent's tower. Normal Gamelog-