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  1. Not enough for ban, maybe it's bugged. Closed.
  2. !Unsupport. There is only one suspicious movement and the others are very ordinary because he had a prior vision.
  3. Duration is ended. Denied & Clsoed.
  4. !Support. 14:20 Sunstrike Troll in fog. 15:20 leaves his farm and Goes directly to Prophet. 23:50 uses Dagger and Tornado on Troll at the right place without any sentry/dust/gem. 26:14 seems Invoker knows exatly that Prophet farming in jungle using blink + euls on him. 32:40 using Tornado on troll while he's not invisible. Player name : El.MaFioso.xD & RGID #243720685 @Dr.Spy
  5. wtf

    even in game Repaly shows the game was won by sentinel i think it's bugged in kills result in RGC logs it's 0-13-1 but in replay it's showing 7-8-8 Game ID is matched between replay and game-log #62836720 @Admin
  6. Mention 3 times-steps atleast 24 hours to fix
  7. @AbandonMe hello, report here
  8. Granted bobo-boy = KingOfLodAsia1 Will be banned soon by @Dr.Spy Closed.
  9. !denied Normal gameplay Closed.
  10. MH

    !Denied time-steps are mismatched Closed.
  11. !Denied We cannot say he's using MH since i watched the whole replay he's acting in a smart way which he was trying to focus gang only all the game. Closed.
  12. !denied We can't depend on click fogs it may get delayed sometimes. Closed.
  13. !Denied Refer to the comment stated above. Closed.
  14. MH?

    !Denied In a lot of time-steps you mentioned there was a prior vision Closed.