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  1. hi after i make 3 kills i have christmast hat me and my family dont celebrate christmas so i dont wanna have it pls fix
  2. no thanks, im not sharing teamviewer with u
  3. bro people seem to have this problem in chrome too, should we uninstall chrome aswell & download internet explorer ? hehe oink oink
  4. http://d1stats.ru/extras this one, ask the map maker to remove it or do something else.. its annoying as fuck, besides that whole pc freezes for 5mins or more
  5. every1 seems to complain about this problem lately but nobody seems to give a fuck, sadstory jackpro should be given restriction for giving a dumb answers & not realizing whats going on YOU HAVE ADMIN RANKS FOR A REASON holy mamacita of god
  6. nonsense comment lmfao u guys are not familiar with that shitty ad that opens up after every game ends ?.? wake up, u have admin ranks for a reason fucksakes
  7. alo chechenya, remove this shitty ad that opens up after every game ends, whole pc freezes fucksakes