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  1. Display name: Pussysniper Room: (Asia) PublicReason: playing solo Reason of Appeal:
  2. happy to help
  3. Your Display Name: pussysniperReported Display Name: BTHORMagtanggolRoom: PhilippinesReplay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1549558564Timestamps: throughout the game.... chen basically abused his teleport spell on me and other users...so many instances no need to provide specific time stamps... still check 3:55. so many other time stamps he spoiled the game by abusing his spell , once i turned off help he started abusing spell on other members. ban this idiotReason: spell abuse/ spoiler
  4. Your Display Name: PussysniperReporteds Name: hikigaya16Replay:http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1549450024Time stamps: 39:30 mort uses blink while silenced ( no bkb, its in cd) 40:00 uses skill while silenced 40:26 again bkb still cd 44:36 again no bkb 44:39 dagger still silenced no bkb is active ( in cD bkb) 45:25 blink while silenced basically silence wasnt having any effect on him... FROM GUST OR ORCHID, NO SILENCE WAS WORKING.. WHEN I ASKED ABOUT IT HE SAID ITS BKB (43:30)..... HE ALSO RACIALLY ABUSED ME... CALLED ME NIGGA (44:11) ALL THE TIME STAMPS I POSTED ABOVE , HE USED SKILL WHILE SILENCED AND HE DIDNT HAVE BKB ACTIVATED .. THINK HES USING SCRIPT OR SOEMTHING... CHECK AND BAN
  5. i didnt say the ban isnt valid. am asking for another chance... this is my first time ... actually i had no idea that playing solo is = to spoiling.. this will not be repeated in the future...
  6. Display name: Pussysniper Room: (Asia) PublicReason: playing solo Reason of Appeal: i got banned for not helping team in ganks. i understand but the thing is from the start of the game the team basically did 0 to help me even tho i was mid... no report no help .. i even started doing ward from early game with troll while playing mid ( am not that pro).. . when i told sk about helping me he flat out muted me check 14 min and rasta started blaming me, . around 13 min check that weaver basically uses me as bait to fish out rubick .. this continued for a while .. the support players sk and rasta werent helping or warding at all.... so seeing that i was not recieving any help from team and was only feeding in ganks, i got frustrated and started playing solo.. but i wasnt trying to spoil the game..even tho i was telling opponents to end mid, check that i was pushing lanes and defending the base . i was trying to get kills where ever i could at the same time by not trying to feed cause juggy had gem and they were sticking so without help, which i wasnt getting, i would be simply foOD. thats why i wanted to get farmed and end game but i wasnt trying to spoil.. am asking the admins to review this and give me another chance.. also sorry for the long post.. anyways thanks
  7. Your Display Name: puSSYsnipER Reported Display Name: marc03tens, Funkerzero Room: (Asia) Public Replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1549271029 Timestamps: Funkerzero intentionally feeded whole game and then intentionally left the game.. marc03tens left the game intentionally at 31st min. check and ban. Reason: Spoiler / leaver
  8. Your Display Name: pussysniper Reported Display Name: Destroyer319 Room: (Asia) Public Replay: https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=60611421 Timestamps: axe left the game intentionally at 18th minute... send this kid on a vacacay Reason: LeaveR
  9. Your Display Name: pussysniper Reported Display Name: SycloneSyn0707 Room: (Asia) Public Replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1541093256 Timestamps: Oracle at 42:36 INTENTIONALLY abuses spell on me to steal my half done nc... he abused spell on me one more time earlier to steal nc while i was farming.. pliz check... Reason: spell abuser