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  1. solved

    Ban removido sin uso de apelación Cerrado
  2. solved

    No podemos tomar las acciones como anti gamer por que al fin y al cabo, para la defensa de la 3era torre estuvo presenta a pesar de que el team estaba muerto y en imagenes se ve como a pesar de estar solo, intenta matar a alguien, pero no lo consigue [23:38:21]#ˑPriMinG: !timeunban #X|forCe.V1p` invalid ban #X|forCe.V1p` has been unbanned by PriMinG.
  3. staff1

    UnSupport Nick: ‡BaSsUnTeR‡ RGID #235650632 GameLog: 25:39 Tinker dies in a very normal way in TF in mid (Normal) 27:27 Tinker kills Mortred in top on a normal way (Normal) 27:51 Tinker kills Trax in mid line as normal (Normal) 29:05 Tinker waited for TF to end in the jungle and when he saw the enemies approaching, he decided to kill the strom very quickly (Normal)
  4. staff1-2-3

    UnSupport Nick: xDiegoxGx RGID #244188691 GameLog: 12:21 Alchemist had a vision of Crixa approaching to hunt in mid (Normal) 14:58 Crixa was chasing Mirana and since he couldn't reach her, he decided to back off. Alchemist died from the ancients neutrals who incidentally had little HP. Alch signaled to take care of his stack (Normal) 15:28 It's normal for the alchemist to keep trying to kill his stack of neutral ancients (Normal) 18:24 Alchemist is killing neutrals in his jungle normally while enemies go in another direction after a small TF in rosh and minute 18:40 just as crixa places an observer on the hill of his alch jungle he sends a signal [Suspicious but not so much because there was a sentry there] 37:27 Alchemist's movements are normal. Seconds later he is hooked by Pudge
  5. staff1

    UnSupport Nick: alexguti706xxx RGID #243856398 GameLog: 16:50 Pudge kills Terror in the mid line normally (Normal) 18:38 Pudge together with the Slark investigate the enemy jungle taking advantage of the observers that the pudge placed (Normal) [Pudge does not display suspicious movements at any point in the game]
  6. staff1-2-3

    UnSupport Nick: epic.zues RGID #243831519 GameLog: 12:25 to 12:28 Axe, without intending to kill the neutrals of its jungle, chases the Riky who walks there with little HP but since he has no sentry or dust, he cannot hurt him (Suspicious but not enough) [Axe could have used his first power so that Riky was forced to strike and thus cancel his invisibility but he didnt]
  7. staff1-2

    Support Nick: An0malia RGID #244224976 GameLog: 15:00 Slark decides not to hurt the axe and go in the direction of where the weaver courir was approaching. 15:04 Kill the courir (Suspicious) 15:27 to 15:30 chases the Weaver while she escapes invisible and manages to kill her with a jump (MH) 23:31 Slark tries to hunt the SF with lothar while he was killing jungle neutrals (Suspicious) 39:26 to 39:36 Slark tries to kill the SF that was in the mist and when he uses Lothar to escape, Slark correctly chases him without dust or sentry (MH)
  8. staff1-2-3

    UnSupport Nick: •2pac~| RGID #243831471 GameLog: 20:43 Pudge uses Scan in the hidden shop since the enemies were there. Tries to hook someone and fails (Normal) 24:45 Thanks to Invoker's sunstrike he manages to see that the enemies are in roshan so he tries to hook someone and manages to hurt the MK (Normal) 48:36 Pudge pulls hook to try to catch someone in the jungle since the SF walked there (Normal) [Pudge's game is normal all the time]
  9. denied

    UnSupport NIck: Assasin51 RGID #234589277 GameLog: 20:30 There is a normal TF on the bot side against the Slardar and Sniper (Normal) 21:19 The last one of AA managed to give a slight vision on the path of the sniper towards the midline inside its base, so Clock launched a missile in that sector. (Normal)
  10. solved

  11. solved

    Corregido - Cerrado [03:53:37]#ˑPriMinG: !timeban CHILENOPROO 5d18hs Kiter (2da) CHILENOPROO is now timebanned from this channel until 02:53 on 13/07/2020
  12. solved

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  15. solved