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  1. El compban es correcto, Usted no puede insultar a ningún usuario en RGC y mucho menos a un global. Closed.
  2. Nick Del RGC: chupaconchax21
    Motivo Del Ban:.haber señores administrados  ssigo con el no poder entrar a jugar ustedes me puedeb decir porque me sale este aviso porfavor ..actuañlmente eh jugado en un internet y si puedo jugar pero en casa me sale este anuncio algo ayuda porfavor


  3. Bug IP @Sanin
  4. it's a mistake that rarely comes out Redownload the RGC here When you do this, extract the file in your own folder and run the program as admin. With that, the RGC should work Regards - Support Team Closed.
  5. Sometimes the maps have a failure when downloading I advise you to download twice and copy the map with more weight in your folder wc3 / maps / download All the warcraft maps are found Here Closed.
  6. Follow all the steps in this tutorial to download warcraft correctly. From now on you can download the full version of Warcraft that we all use in RGC. To download enter this link : Warcraft III Full Versión - MEGA Once you enter the page, what you will do is click on Login There you enter the data of your account, If you do not have an account. (I leave some accounts that you can use at the end of this Post) Once you enter your account information, you will click on the button that says DOWNLOAD. With that you will already be starting the download to your desktop At the end of the download you should copy the file to the unit you prefer and extract the files there. With that you already have the full version of Warcraft III [ Here are some MEGA accounts so you can use and download the Warcraft. ] 1.- Mail: [email protected] 2.- Mail: [email protected] 3.- Mail: [email protected] 4.- Mail: [email protected] 5.- Mail: [email protected] 6.- Mail: [email protected] 7.- Mail: [email protected] 8.- Mail: [email protected] 9.- Mail: [email protected] 10.- Mail: [email protected] Password for all accounts : rgcsupport737 Note.- Do not change passwords so that other users can use this Regards - Support Team
  7. [ERROR V.653] (0x2) Failed to patch Warcraft III. Please make sure RGC is allowed to modify its contents. This error may appear if your game is installed on the C:\ drive and you have active restrictive UAC[-- No DirectX Choice --] If you clicked 'Do Not Ask Again' ... You can get the choice back by going to Menu -> Settings -> DotA [ This is a mistake that many users have in times when they expect less. Now I will show you how to fix it. ] First Solution.- Go to the menu and Settings of RGC Then select in the part where DotA says and locate Frozen Throne [ Click on the SAVE option at the end of the procedure ] Second Solution .- Go to the RGC folder you look inside that folder there is another one with name gs - wc3tft - rgc Then copy all the files from that folder into your warcraft III folder you look inside that folder there is another one with name gs - wc3tft - rgc Then copy all the files from that folder into your warcraft III folder When you finish copying you relocate warcraft III as in the first step and that fixes that problem [ If you do not have the files in your RGC folder ] Download Here Regars - Support Team
  8. Como se ve en el replay te quedaste AFK por 1 minuto pero eso no debería haber ocurrido posiblemente sea un bug del nuevo mapa te recomiendo no quedarte AFK ahi en minuto 31 salio la opción Kickafk 3 y uno de tus aliados uso el comando que te saco del DotA. Si tienes observasiones de algo anormal en dota no dudes en hacer tu post. Closed.
  9. Name map: Fight Of Characters 9.6BO3 Type map: Hero Arena Link Map: @Hakka Please SIR