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  1. denied

    juger is 0-23 runing the game and feed so much witch boots of speed 30 min only byback and go again for dead ban him
  2. solved

    pls unban me bro PostRock report me for nothing he play furion use 1 magick for kill me i cant run and 50 min he wods i def only and have 25 dead for def only me i am not afk and feeder see video dude and unban me pls
  3. PostRock play with furion and use 1 magick for ez kill me he not play in me team dude i am not afk and feder pls see video dude and unban me this shit report me for nothing
  4. denied

    nevermore 0-15 runing the game feeder pls ban him Replay_2020_03_30_2147_Necrolyte_27m 4-2-6.w3g