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  1. pending

    [17:58] # Casper: !timeunban Pr3st1ge chance Pr3st1ge has been unbanned by Casper.
  2. vouched already
  3. refer here
  4. Denied you have ignore option , you can use it in PM . we do not take actions on Private messages . @KilAzoR if there s anything you want to report , kindly open another thread and post the issue .
  5. solved

    Granted [14:09] # Casper: !timeunban chance has been unbanned by Casper.
  6. solved

    Granted [14:07] # Casper: !timeunban 4ng3lz. chance 4ng3lz. has been unbanned by Casper.
  7. pending

    you still didnt answer my question ban is valid , you r saying you didnt ruin the game while i watched the replay and it s gameruin and bannable offense . what will guarantee us you wont ruin any other game ?
  8. pending

    Ban is Valid you went woods while your Mates trying to defend not defending base is bannable offense specially that you went woods to farm which was not defending on purpose. also you already took a chance for intentionally AFK here what can guarantee us that you wont ruin another games ?
  9. Granted [17:39] # Casper: !timeunban n(e)o chance n(e)o has been unbanned by Casper.
  10. Granted dazzle refused to defend and went woods farming min 35+ [14:00] # Casper: !timeban Pr3st1ge 15d gameruin Pr3st1ge is now timebanned from this channel until 13:01 on 20/06/2020
  11. solved

    Granted [23:46] # Casper: !timeunban Oosh chance Oosh has been unbanned by Casper.
  12. Ban is valid you can report him for using his spells to annoy his mates . since you never took any chance you are unbanned [14:53] # Casper: !timeunban gangnam.paya chance gangnam.paya has been unbanned by Casper.
  13. kindly make another ban request and ADD REPLAY staffs need replay to watch the game and judge according to Game 's scenario . replay should be uploaded here :
  14. solved

    Granted [14:38] # Casper: !timeunban lion.lover chance lion.lover has been unbanned by Casper.
  15. solved

    Granted [16:41] # Casper: !timeunban xiaoxiaoMo chance xiaoxiaoMo has been unbanned by Casper.