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  1. solved

    Granted [12:39] # Casper: !timeunban gigi chance gigi has been unbanned by Casper.
  2. denied

    kindly speak with kks on client for more information.
  3. solved

    He is warned sorry for any inconveniences.
  4. solved

    Granted You are unbanned , but this is your last chance for this year use it wisely [22:08] # Casper: !timeunban stepqya last chance stepqya has been unbanned by Casper.
  5. denied

    Denied multiple thread
  6. denied

    Denied ask for unban after 3 days
  7. solved

    what will guarantee us if we give you a chance you wont leave another game ?
  8. denied

    Denied answer given here if you will keep spamming here , you will be banned on forum as well
  9. solved

    what message are you receiving when trying to login to rgc ?
  10. solved

    granted [16:46] # Casper: !timeunban dead境boy chance dead境boy has been unbanned by Casper.
  11. denied

    Denied not each time you are banned , you will be granted a chance last month you ruined the game and fed and you were given a chance this time no chance ban can be reduced , but 70% of ban duration should pass ask for unban on 21/4/2021
  12. learn some manners ban will stay
  13. denied

    Denied you already took a chance last month [solved] unban request - Solved - Ranked Gaming Board
  14. solved

    Granted [21:38] # Casper: !timeunban .happiness chance .happiness has been unbanned by Casper.