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  1. solved

    Granted [05:15] # Casper: !timeunban icansolo chance icansolo has been unbanned by Casper.
  2. solved

    Granted [18:40] # Casper: !timeunban leveganesauvage chance leveganesauvage has been unbanned by Casper. if you dont have stable internet , do not join games . you have lot of dc . care
  3. granted

    [18:34] # Casper: !timeban EstrossA 2d leaver (1st) estrossa is now timebanned from this channel until 17:34 on 18/01/2021 EstrossA has been kicked by Casper.
  4. granted

    [18:27] # Casper: !timeban Janez2k47 2d rank abuse Janez2k47 is now timebanned from this channel until 17:27 on 18/01/2021
  5. Hello! Im and old dota player. Its been a long time since i last played but i had my acc Heavy_Storm but i cant remember its password and its email thats linked to it. I feel bad because i had 70% in 2k games. Is there any possible way i can find what email is linked to it?

  6. there s no tc abuse
  7. pending

    kindly give us proof that he bypassed and joined lod public creating account is not related to bypassing . also Nazihannn! has no games in lod public
  8. Granted [22:28] # Casper: !timeunban [email protected] chance [email protected] has been unbanned by Casper.
  9. solved

    Granted [22:31] # Casper: !timeunban alpha_xteme chance alpha_xteme has been unbanned by Casper. kindly if you dont have a stable internet , do no join games. you have lot of Dc .
  10. denied

    Send an email to [email protected]
  11. denied

    no need rank there . ranks will be removed .
  12. solved

    Granted [22:49] # Casper: !timeunban mau5kid chance mau5kid has been unbanned by Casper.
  13. solved

    Ban was removed and staff is no longer staff . we apologize for any inconveniences .
  14. denied