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  1. Haha we see what you are trying to do you shld have said that in the beginning have a nice day iam glad that i tught you something
  2. So you r reporting in advance?😂 feel free to report when it will happen you need alot to learn how to be staff Have fun bye
  3. You need a lot to learn how to be staff When a global come and solve the prob you dnt use forum we both got warned we are staff things wont be hundled by a kick
  4. calm you down ? he warned both of us ace was there and he ended the problem both of us were warned so you come here on forum trying to ? it s ok i ll talk with serbia s staff to train you more i can give you some tips if you want
  5. I will easily put you on ignorlist I wont argue with a kid like you I alrdy told you ii didnt flame you it s a beautiful answer to your retarded question enough spam here your report is uslss ps: pls try to flame me on any channel and we will see what will happen
  6. Let s say i cursed you did it happen in eu pub? no you have nothing to do with me You are hA in serbia and you dont know rgc rules your report is uslss Next time you want to report provide SS of chat make it full Ss and gv ss of the entire conversation
  7. as long as i didnt flame you in eu pub you have nothing to do with me you can keep ur report to yourself as i said act smart somewhere else btw i didnt flame you i just gave you a beautiful answer to your retatded question i told you i wouldnt cry for it idnt knw where you see flames
  8. Coming out of nowhere to tell me to cry for globals And to bark? this ss is in pm you can add me on ignorlist And kindly provide full ss of the entire chat Act smart somewhere else As long as nothing happend in eu pub
  9. @Dr.Spy
  10. @ColonelPATRON
  11. !denied multiple thread
  12. !denied multiple thread
  13. !denied multiple thread
  14. !denied multiple thread
  15. !denied multiple thread