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  1. Username : Sex&EscapeBan Reason : Leave ( min 30)Ban request link : Reason of Appeal : last few months i play with high ping and sometimes its fake that i got low ping but when i join game its goes really high ping So i called my internet Company and now i fix it.Proofs : I cant give any proof cuz somtimes it was laggy and sometimes it was just fine. Thanks for reading. have a nice day.
  2. last few days i play under big problems with my internet sometimes i just freak out so leave i know its not good reason but this is just the truth in that case i really had big issus with network last 1week. Thanks and Long live serbia
  3. granted

    (1).Your RGC username : Sex&Escape(2).The RGC username of the one you are reporting : Oosh + G.No-.-Rules(3).The link to the replay : in a thorough manner exactly what happened (what he did that can be accounted punishable): Leave(5).Specify precise time-stamps for when this user began wrecking your game. GG&Have a nice day
  4. solved

    name Sex&escape i ban someone in my room with invlad ban that i didnt know how to do it correctly first time i ban someone not reason to kick me out of RGC
  5. eg : Name : Sex&Escape RGID : ##242706205 Country : Israel Message : Merry Christmas! For everyone who ever play this Program. Stay Warm!
  6. granted

    · Report post (1).Your RGC username : Sex&Escapea (2).The RGC username of the one you are reporting : dmar1989ttt + lidos994 (3).The link to the replay : Both leave together and left us 5v3 Thanks
  7. granted

  8. -Tvoj RGC nadimak: RGC|h0l1gaN -Soba: Serbia -Razlog: leave after saw ursa rush like rambo and die again and again -Dokaz: : Soory for leaving game was mad about team feeding
  9. Soory for leaving game was mad about team feeding
  10. Well game already over with 4 player in our side to FF sniper was over feeded bot lane i jump 2 times to death just to get the 5th ff its not Gameruin.
  11. Was leaving a game for first time since i play here. i leave because self issus with someone in my team Wont repat. Sorry.