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  1. IRAN CHAMPION 2019 ( Iran League ) Iran Tours Team Teams Team Winner Match Round Replays Or Game ID 卐 vs Oghab 卐 1 Winner1 DQ WeW vs Monster WeW 2 DQ Nw~MeTa.-. vs BradWarden Nw~MeTa.-. 3 DQ Union.CiviL vs N1 N1 4 DQ Real vs Newbee.Team Real 5 పUnknown vs MonGolia MonGolia 6 DQ Cataclismo_Is_Back vs Serenity Serenity 7 DQ Green Bax vs Pesarane_bad Pesarane_bad 8 DQ goly warriors vs army Army 9 Argentina League vs Raccon Gaming~ Raccon Gaming~ 10 DQ Ice vs fafa fafa 11 RarE vs nAGE RarE 12 Team Rock vs Psy Psy 13 team garritas "Tg" vs Hell`s satans Hell`s satans 14 WISINES ON FIRE vs gGwp(@[email protected]) WISINES ON FIRE 15 DQ GG Love vs BARRIO FINO BARRIO FINO 16 DQ War bears vs Last Last 17 *C*A*R*m*O*N*A* vs Cochabamba Cochabamba 18 DQ Spider vs Messiah Messiah 19 DQ R+4turtle vs ┼~_NF[e]RN_~S[e]NPa_~┼ R+4turtle 20 DQ Aromnp vs ~|S.T.G^~⤨ Aromnp 21 nosabiamosqueponernos vs D2 Dota2 D2 Dota2 22 DQ DarkBoyz vs Elemental buu DarkBoyz 23 lol vs padwans padwans 24 Ghost Team vs Euphoria Ghost Team 25 DQ vs MaTaDoReS 26 DQ LOS YOPIS vs Robat Robat 27 God Killers vs "పIsBaCk-|».ൠ+" "పIsBaCk-|».ൠ+" 28 killers vs nice killers 29 DQ LN_Oruro_GaminG vs MaJeStickS MaJeStickS 30 DQ Teiko vs Syndrome Teiko 31 DQ Monster vs BradWarden bradWarden 32 Losser1 DQ Union.CiviL vs NewBee.TEAM 33 DQ పUnknown vs Cataclismo_Is_Back unknown 34 DQ GreeN Bax vs Goly warriors Green bax 35 DQ Argentina League vs ice ice 36 DQ nAGE vs Team Rock Nage 37 DQ team garritas "Tg" vs gGwp(@[email protected]) team garritas''tg'' 38 DQ GG Love vs War Bears war bears 39 DQ *C*A*R*m*O*N*A* vs SPIDER *c*a*r*m*o*n*a* 40 DQ ┼~_NF[e]RN_~S[e]NPa_~┼ vs ~|S.T.G^~⤨ ┼~_NF[e]RN_~S[e]NPa_~┼ 41 DQ nosabiamosqueponernos vs Elemental buu elemental buu 42 DQ lol vs Euphoria lol 43 DQ MaTaDoReS vs LOS YOPIS los yopls 44 DQ god killers vs Nice god killers 45 DQ LN_Oruro_GaminG vs SyNdrome LN_oruro_Gaming 46 DQ 10milion vs 卐 卐 47 Winner2 wew vs Nw~MeTa.-. wew 48 N1 vs Real Real 49 Mongolia vs Serenity Serenity 50 Pesarane_bad vs Army pesarane_bad 51 Raccon Gaming~ vs fafa fafa 52 Rare vs Psy rare 53 Hell`s satans vs WISINES ON FIRE wiSINES ON FIRE 54 BARRIO FINO vs Last last 55 Cochabamba vs Messiah cochabamba 56 DQ R+4turtle vs Aromnp aromnp 57 D2 Dota2 vs DaRkBoyZ darkBoyz 58 PADAWANS vs Ghost Team padwans 59 vs Robat 60 "పIsBaCk-|».ൠ+" vs Killers "పIsBaCk-|».ൠ+" 61 MaJeStickS vs TeikO Teiko 62 10milion vs LN_Oruro_GaminG 10milion 63 Losser2 Nw~MeTa.-. vs god killers nw~meta.-. 64 DQ N1 vs LOS YOPIS los yopls 65 Mongolia vs lol MonGolia 66 Army vs Elemental buu elemental buu 67 DQ Raccon Gaming~ vs ┼~_NF[e]RN_~S[e]NPa_~┼ Raccon Gaming~ 68 DQ Psy vs *C*A*R*m*O*N*A* psy 69 DQ Hell`s satans vs War Bears war bears 70 DQ BARRIO FINO vs team garritas "Tg" team garritas''tg'' 71 Messiah vs nAGE Nage 72 DQ R+4turtle vs ice R+4turtle 73 D2 Dota2 vs Green Bax D2 Dota2 74 DQ Ghost Team vs పUnknown ghost Team 75 DQ Robat vs NewBee.TEAM 76 killers vs BradWarden killers 77 DQ MaJeStickS vs Oghab MaJeStickS 78 Nw~MeTa.-. vs 10milion nw~meta.-. 79 Losser3 Mongolia vs LOS YOPIS MonGolia 80 Raccon Gaming~ vs Elemental buu Raccon Gaming~ 81 War Bears vs Psy war bears 82 nAGE vs team garritas "Tg" nage 83 D2 Dota2 vs R+4turtle R+4turtle 84 NewBee.TEAM vs Ghost Team 85 MaJeStickS vs Killers killers 86 DQ 卐 vs WeW 卐 87 Winner3 Real vs Serenity real 88 Pesarane_bad vs Fafa fafa 89 RArE vs WISINES ON FIRE rare 90 Last vs Cochabamba cochabamba 91 Aromnp vs DaRkBoyZ aromnp 92 PADAWANS vs padwans 93 "పIsBaCk-|».ൠ+" vs TeikO teiko 94 WeW vs nAGE nage 95 Losser4 Serenity vs R+4turtle R+4turtle 96 Pesarane_bad vs NewBee.TEAM 97 DQ WISINES ON FIRE vs Killers wiSINES ON FIRE 98 Last vs Nw~MeTa.-. last 99 DaRkBoyZ vs Mongolia monGolia 100 DQ 4Ever.Win vs Raccon Gaming~ 101 "పIsBaCk-|».ൠ+" vs War Bears war bears 102 R+4turtle vs nAGE R+4turtle 103 Losser5 WISINES ON FIRE vs NewBee.TEAM 104 Mongolia vs Last last 105 War Bears vs war bears 106 卐 vs Real real 107 winner4 Fafa vs Rare rare 108 Cochabamba vs Aromnp cochabamba 109 PADAWANS vs Teiko padwans 110 卐 vs War Bears 卐 111 Losser6 Fafa Vs Last fafa 112 Aromnp vs NewBee.TEAM aromnp 113 Teiko vs R+4turtle teiko 114 DQ 卐 vs Fafa 卐 115 Losser7 Aromnp vs Teiko Teiko 116 Real vs RArE RArE 117 Winner5 Cochabamba vs PADAWANS PADAWANS 118 Real Vs Teiko Teiko 119 Losser8 Cochabamba vs 卐 卐 120 Teiko vs 卐 Teiko 121 Losser9 RArE vs PADAWANS RArE 122 Semifinals TeikO vs PADWANS TeikO 123 Bronze Match TeikO vs RArE TeikO 124 FINAL1 TeikO vs RArE RArE 124 FINAL2 TeikO vs RArE TeikO 124 FINAL3 Bracket: Supreme Champion: TeikO Worthy Adversary: RArE Maybe Next Time: PADAWANS TournamentLink: Tournament Rules Link: IranChampionLink: Iran Tour.Staff: Alone
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  3. با سلام شما به صورت خیلی زیرکانه داشتید فحاشی های سنگینی میکردید که خوب اون چیزی که فکر میکردی خودت هستی عزیزم , بن شما کاملا صحیح هست. بسته شد.
  4. [14:57:28] FEYAlone: !timeunban N<o_o> invalid ban N<o_o> has been unbanned by Alone. Closed
  5. 1st Supreme Champion TeikO 2nd Worthy Adversary RArE 3rd Maybe Next Time PADAWANS Bracket Final 1 Final 2 Final 3 Bronz Match Special Thanks to LordCyrax & KingDread Sponsered By to zozozoe Streamed by -lviso- & _-pitufo-tontin & RasTdlanoR Thanks To Following Tournament Helpers Spy LovesBoosT HaMeD MiG...MiG Tournament Organizer: Alone Iran Tours Team
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  8. Hello Everyone I Hope You Guys Success In Tournament And Spend Good Times In The Tour you can see in this link your team confirmed or not ... : Dq Time : first round 20 Minutes other rounds 10 min ~ Collect Your Team Here ~ Have A Good Time Good Luck /j Iran League ~ Every One Vouched On This Channel Register Time Is Ended.
  9. دوستان ایرانی توجه داشته باشید در هر صورت که اول بشید 10 میلیون تومان برنده میشوید.
  10. name accounte e....n moshkel dare daghigh nist , name daghoghesho bezar
  11. team name:god killers team captian:centralperk team members:SOKOOT_021_,farshad13,a.|_036_|.b,shahyad reserve:
  12. Registered.
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