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  1. Team name: Tanginamo Team captain: TORONTOTOKYO. Team members: Elitemiko Ola*K*Ase Aram_g1 reserves: will be added soon
  2. So I assume, nothing will happen if i remake the games whenever i want in my host right?
  3. Can i upload a replay to prove he rmk-ed game after everyone refused to swap heroes with him? Is it allowed for lod public? He was afk for 5minutes , so that everyone else agreed to start a game since they waited for long time. You also have to check the whole game chat. Not only chat he provided here. Thanks. Isn`t it also TC abuse to remake without a proper reason? When other players don`t play as he wants?
  4. 1.Your RGC UserName :TORONTOTOKYO. 2. reason for appealing : 100+ game tc pls Regards
  5. CCC.bftM - feeder, not [playing as team flaming whole game after got killed by enemy and also playing with 900 hp against high damage dealer heroes even though teammates have told him to increase hp or buy bkb and never bought or refused to do so. Please ban or timeout those game ruiners for the greater good of room Thanks. Torontotokyo.
  6. sd 1st spell abuse disruption. bad usage ruining teamplay, disruptive gameplay MaKaPoHa