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  1. n0thinG.SkillzZ is now Team Captain
  2. 1.request from n0thinG.SkillzZ 2. he want another chance
  3. ESmiGEL is now Team Captain.
  4. 1.request from ESmiGEL 2. he want another chance
  5. LoseN!!! is now Team Captain
  6. 1.request from LoseN!!! 2. he want another chance!!!
  7. VeNDe††@ has been unvouched.
  8. 1-My nickname is Loveca_ 2-Tc Abuser RGC Username : VeNDe††@ 3-GameID : 6691838
  9. I think your ban is invalid. And before you start cry, like history can remember, I will explain to you. The host may be do mistake - the last time when set the mode, he write This mode is not in the game name, so you can unvouch, but not to ban. korea.gamer has been unbanned...
  10. im_unreal is now timebanned from this channel until 13:17 on 27/10/2019
  11. -*STORM*- is now timebanned from this channel until 13:16 on 27/10/2019
  12. He set the mode, but do you know who host the game?
  13. DR.NASNOS has been unvouched.
  15. pending

    You feed the enemy and deserve ban...