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  1. Your RGC iGN : [|PeRvErT|]:) Abuser : Different types of people Room : Different types of rooms Ban Type : Timeban Reason that your innocent : Reason why you are innocent: back in 2013 - 2017, I acknowledge my mistake and I apologize for everything I did before (childish, it does not matter, disrespectful, Kitter without realizing the consequences.) Now as an Adult and Active Player in different rooms, please ask for the opportunity to do the right thing and not the wrong thing. Show you and the entire community the endowment of the new and renewed [|PeRvErT|]:) / Mauricio - Nice to talk to you, God bless you, Thanks for reading.
  2. IGN : Æ_MauCLツDate : 25/9/18