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  1. MIG Good luck plyers
  2. Welcome to iran higher Xochilt- is now vouched in this channel. Closed.
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    Teams : WeAreMage Hell Crusher indestructibles Team MAYZ funy Dogs The_End BFH under City تیم های بالا ثبت شده اند لطفا در ساعت پنج و نیم به وقت ایران انلاین باشید و در روم جوین دهید They have been registered. Please be online with the 15 rmt time and join in Roome (iran league )
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    لطفا اسامی تیم خود را کامل کنید
  7. denied

    https://ladder.rankedgaming.com/game.php?room=95&gid=7038739 rep : tiasha
  8. dar post digari javab dade shod Closed.
  9. Welcome join iran higher im.SkathA is now vouched in this channel. closed .
  10. welcome join iran higher Closed.
  11. rad shod winer shoma kafi nist https://ladder.rankedgaming.com/index.php?room=95#search=Hacker.ir Closed.
  12. be shoma 1 chance baraye bazi kardan dar room iran higher dade shod join iran higher wlc poIRa is now vouched in this channel. Closed.
  13. https://ladder.rankedgaming.com/index.php?room=19&s=shutupplzz Sorry you are not good for iran higher https://admin.rankedgaming.com/accounts/game-logs.php?m=1&var=shutupplzz Closed