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  1. ok, ovo ti je peti unban request, ako imas problem u 1:15 nemoj joinat gejm. ovo ti je zadnja sansa. Samo_Necural has been unbanned by Rodney_Trotter. !closed.
  2. ItsGGbabY- nije kucao !rmk jer zna da ce u tom slucaju izgubiti tc, s obzirom da se nisu svi slozili... Ovo ti je prvi request pa nek ti bude. ubuduce kad imas neki problem/bug uzmi replay, jer bez replaya nemas nikakvih dokaza... AVAXAXAXAXAXAXA has been unbanned by Rodney_Trotter.
  3. Ban

  4. Ban

    kingjames. vec banned, a sta se tice replaya ne mogu ga otvorit. ...
  5. Okay, I will give u a chance. Walterxq has been unbanned by Rodney_Trotter.
  6. well i learned enought, but u should be unvouched, bye
  7. well after warning you said it in front of him that u will curse my croatian mother every time i hled u, so i need to report that,hf.
  8. y i was warned because u cursed me and kicked me. Im here because u did abuse and didnt even get kick.
  9. y im kid, calling ur friends to "calm me down", np i will
  10. Nope it did not happend in eu pub, but u kicked me in eu pub. If that has nothing to do with u, i will curse u every day in other rooms, if u say that is allowed.
  11. as i said act smart somewhere else? cursed my mother two times and saying to Ace u will curse my croatian mother every time I hled u, plus kick from eu public w/o reason
  12. nope, that ss was in "GDFR" room. y i hled u because u cursed my mother and called Ace to "calm me down".
  13. Casper cursed my mother two times, and then he caled globals to "calm me down" , sry I only have one ss of curseing "" and then he kicked me from eu public "",and he promised me in Europe helpers that he will curse me every day if i hl him, so I unvouched myself, global staff was there too. btw this is all just because im staff in SDR and he hates dembe.
  14. BAN
  15. BAN

    Sry i cant open this replay. I will ask some of my admins...