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  1. Sorry for spam but @KoolSaVaS iknow what he write for my reason ban , but i need to know what is my mistake ?? When you expel someone you have to show evidence or any proofs , right ? Its about my last time mistake that charbel forgiven me. I just need a proof for my compbaning reason. what i did that he banned me then ? thats all
  2. My real GID : M.Rebel~ Reason : I dont know Reason for this time ? thanks
  3. hi dear's i am from iran and my real GID is M.Rebel~ and chek up thread please. i just need to knows whats my reason for my compbaning again. what ur fucking wrong with me , thanks. @MoON @Hakka
  4. @Dr.Spy @SirQ
  5. hi I just wanted know whats my reason for compban , thx
  6. I am still waiting for a reason for my ban. if someone know tell me . @Hakka ? @MoON ? @Cedric ? @KoolSaVaS ? if its not abuse from power , so what is it ? i think ban without reason is abuse , if no , answer my thread
  7. There is no one answer because I'm right . Your nature was determined to me . its ok
  8. Is this about personal issues? or what ..
  9. @Hakka @Charbel can i ask what is my reason for compban me ? This is where you're really advertise to people ? RANKED GAMING CLIENT WHERE GAMING MATTERS ?? Is this the reason for my ban? Or something else that I do not know ? like last time ??? this guys cant ban me like this and without reason.
  10. @MoON @Hakka Can is ask whats the fucking new problem with me ? why u bann me without reason ? what u talking about ? what i did tell me
  11. solved

    I have a question rly : It means you are so stupid cuz do you think of any name similar to my name to me ? you banned me cuz someone has like my name in another client ?
  12. solved

    My GID : M.Rebel~ Reporting : SirQ he banned me idk for what reason,He has seen a name similar to my account in another client And he thinks that i am. I dont even know where is fucking Atinad. What the fucking Your rules for banning people ? Why u guys banned me everytime and allways without any reason and make me mad ? @Hakka @KoolSaVaS
  13. solved

    Account :M.Rebel~ :)) Can you prove that this is me real ? Everyone was in this name, am i ? This is the same hating that I already explained to you ? You've seen a name like my account (Rebel-) Are you sure that i am? realy ? Just prove it please
  14. GID : M.Rebel~ reason : selling rgds hi everyone I had a bad story and annoyed some of them i know this very well, and I ask you all to forgive me if it is possible . I hope this is a lesson for me and I will not be able to repeat it. I apologize for all.