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  1. I will get the map uploaded as soon as possible.
  2. Map Link: Any update on this map will not be accepted until 2 months have already passed. Map ID: 2613
  3. Map has low uploads on epicwar, but I realized it's because the map has its private platform, so I will get it uploaded. Map ID: 2612
  4. xdd no entendi las fotos, pero el mapa tiene mala calificacion Rating: 9 Good 26 Bad
  5. @Aralee gracias, Map ID: 2611
  6. Map: 2038 exists already.
  7. A map file with english name is needed, please rename and reupload the map so we be able to upload it on RGC.
  8. Map is somehow fine, let's give it a chance. Map ID: 2610
  9. Map ID: 2609
  10. Map with chinese names are not valid on RGC, could you rename the map file and re-upload it so we try to upload it?
  11. ID: 2608
  12. ID: 2607
  13. Provide the link of the english version please.
  14. Explain me the changelog, and if there will be a new version soon or not please.
  15. Low rating, let me see enough players who want to play it on RGC to upload it