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  1. Se necesita un link del mapa de '' o el mapa no se podra descargar para jugar en rgc sin link , con descargas suficientes "+500 descargas al menos"
  2. Large map, not enough downloads
  3. OK Map ID : 2580
  4. Thanks, Map ID: 2579
  5. Because of map's large size, I will see if I can get it uploaded, give me a day or two. thank you
  6. Mapa chino, no muchas descargas, si pueden traer mas gente para apoyar el mapa lo cargare.
  7. Battle Tanks is a nice and a fun map, could you find an English recent version?
  8. Download rate is low, but since this is an update of an existing map and its size is not large. I will get it uploaded. MapID: 2576
  9. Map ID: 2575
  10. Large map, low downloads rate. You can get the map uploaded if you get enough players who want to play it on RGC.
  11. Maps cannot be replaced, that's why I will wait until this map gets a stable update that will not be changed in a few days.
  12. 2568
  13. Map ID: 2571
  14. ID: 2568