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  1. solved

    I don't understand the problem. You have been given a title for what your doing here which is level 1000 for now. If there's a problem with x user you talk to me like you always do. You cannot please every single person on earth. You just made the team seem bad for a senior staff issue. I find it completely irrelevant. Hello, outsiders you never fail to impress me with your beautiful comments :). By this time you must know the reason why you are not promoted. Improve yourself first, if i had to make promotions basing on what you say then 60% of rgc users would have been a RGC GLOBAL STAFF ADMIN.
  2. Map protected, can't be uploaded.
  3. Latest version uploaded.
  4. Latest version uploaded.
  5. !Denied very less downloads
  6. Very less downloads !Denied Provide map infos in brief next time.
  7. Map id 2713
  8. Latest version uploaded !closed
  9. Map id 2711
  10. there is already a version of it uploaded map id 2675
  11. Refer here :
  12. We already have stable version of BH wars id 575
  13. Map id 2709
  14. Map id 2707
  15. My sincere apologies. !Map id 2706
  16. We already have a proper version of gondar wars map id 575 !Denied
  17. Cleared.
  18. !cleared
  19. !Ban cleared
  20. !Bans cleared
  21. !Denied 2 pages of ban history with 80% vaild bans
  22. Map id 2703