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  1. granted

    Map id 2925
  2. solved

    !Solved Closed
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    Least Popular map !Denied
  4. granted

    map id 2909
  5. closed

    it already available in our db map id 2900
  6. granted

    map id 2904
  7. Image Credit: iCloudy & Creative (RGC Designer) CHRISTMAS is almost here and all of you are waiting for the GIVEAWAY which is finally here. Comment down your RGID , RGC Display Name, Your country, and finally the message from your heart. We will be giving away 2 Custom Global Rank, 5 Diamond Membership, and 2 Gold Membership. I will be going live at our official RGC Facebook and RGC Hakka Page at 26th December Friday 18rmt. (Type /time in client to check accurate timing) GIVEAWAY WINNERS : https://fb.watch/2DdZQMbn_5/
  8. RGID: 228550647 RGC Display name : Hakka ( Merry Christmas everyone)
  9. granted

    map id 2896
  10. granted

    map id 2895
  11. granted

    map id 2893
  12. denied

    !Denied very less downloads
  13. denied

    map protected !Denied
  14. granted

    map id 2892
  15. aceptado

    Chance given !unbanned
  16. granted

    map id 2886
  17. granted

    Any epic wars link please
  18. solved

    Spam advertisement can always be banned or those who violates the rules. Since USA is regional channel of SA so they can post 1 adv every 15 minutes. Violating rules will can be banned and multi accounting spam adv will lead to perma ban for multiple offense. This shall be considered as last warning and message to everyone to work as team. Do respect staffs and also players. USA is a good running room so do co-operate in some cases but Intentionally abuses spam adv shall be counted as rules violating and will lead to ban. !closed
  19. granted

    map id 2875
  20. denied

    !Duration reduced
  21. closed

    Pending to verify the original version
  22. Does Depends on Map creators as well. We have it on to do list^^ Thank you for suggesting.
  23. granted

    map id 2870