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  1. denied

    how is that your pc problem? Elaborate your situation and resolve. !Pending
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. !Granted Resq has been banned
  4. granted

    God`eYe is now timebanned from this channel until 04:39 on 06/07/2019 UK_Kyiv28 is now timebanned from this channel until 04:40 on 06/07/2019
  5. granted

    SaTaNiC6S6 is now timebanned from this channel until 04:34 on 10/07/2019
  6. map id 2503
  7. map id 2501
  8. very less downloads !Denied
  9. You never stopped mocking admin staffs, when you could bypass and now when you can't you are posting an apology? !Denied HD bans are never meant to be lifted
  10. solved

    Refer here :
  11. There are few cases in which the bans were legit . Cedric is considered as one of the best working staffs among other globals. I have seen some bans he made where in the case player was literally LOW SKILLED and not fit to play in RANKED GAMING CLIENT ITSELF.We always try to maintain our minimal gaming standard and keep its name higher and higher.Unlike players we admins always check the users history/gamelogs and define the ban duration. I don't understand why do users keep on supporting the abusers in thread, which is the worst case scenario. If you really want to support someone at least do check their history and gamelogs.YES! THAT ABUSER CAN ALSO BE IN YOUR TEAM WHERE YOU HAVE THE SAME FEELING AS CEDRIC DID. It's all of your job to keep RGC a better place. PS: There is no so called friends when it comes to staffing. I have no comments to the users who feels like "x" user cannot be demoted because "x" higher admin is his friend which is default by a false assumption. However, Despite everything racism/flame cannot be tolerated whatsoever may be the case but this doesn't deny the fact that he is still a rgc.team staff and can be back if he decides to post a decent apology for the shits he did after 60 days. Cedric already received punishment for the same case 2+ times. So i have decided to remove his rights and demote him. !Closed
  12. map id 2493
  13. Work being done. Auction room will be opened soon where you can get chance to get inactive names that you desire.
  14. solved

    !pending under observation
  15. !pending under observation
  16. can you provide epic wars link?
  17. map id 2491
  18. Proofs not sufficient enough to ban as bypasser. Keep relevant proofs about his actions with links/referrals !closed
  19. !ban cleared
  20. solved

    Check if you can login now. !Pending
  21. Demontion has been strictly warned for what he did. It's completely unacceptable. Next offense will lead to demotion.
  22. solved

    If higher staff decides to demote you then there is no helping it. !Closed
  23. Please provide epic wars link