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  1. Your suggestion is great but we are bringing up some changes in next patch which will make a balanced match making in public rooms. 
    Most users are fed up with afkers/leavers and stacked games. So this change is mandatory in first phase.

    We will be keeping your ideas in to do list with proper moderation to ensure balance match making.

    +1 for your suggestion.


  2. No votes or supports will be considered. The decision is final . A user who opens a thread telling GLOBALS TO GROW UP AND EVERYONE SUPPORTING LIKE ACE HIRED YOU TO DO SO. 




  3. You know we cannot just ban everyone basing on pm messages. You simply need to ignore the user. Even myself i receive such pm messages but i simply ignore em or add user to ignore lists depending on the case.  You can ignore a user by rightclicking on his name and click on ignore > add.
    Thank you for understanding.




    Dear RGC gamers,


    We have detected a lot of unwanted/unpaid custom rooms which have been very complicated to track. The Due date , owners etc.

    Thus, we have come to a point in closing all the custom rooms (Gaming,Chat,RPG,LOD)  by September 3. 

    You have only 3 days to claim your room ownership by transferring a month due date amount to HAKKA or MOON.
    Note : ( RGDS which are purchased via shop i.e Shop.rankedgaming.com or by verified Official AGENTS  will only be valid.)(Verified Agents are those who are vouched in Official RGDS S )

    1: Demontion (Sa/Bolivia)

    2: Sanin ( Sa/Argentina )

    3: (moi) ( Sa/Bolivia)
    4: assasins.ftw ( India )

    5: [K]ung[Fu]Zeng. (Peru)

    6: Riza (Philippines )



    #You get a free commander for a month for every ownership claims for a month.

    #You get a Channel vip range only for 100 extra rgds instead of 200 for a month.


    Upcoming feature plans for new Renovated rooms.

    # New Ranks/Titles

    # Higher levels ( Room GOD ) Level 2000++

    # Godlike Access. (You will be able to set higher than Head admins which will have no limit )

    Ps: Any kind of abuse won't be tolerated whatsoever. Room can be closed immediately for massive abuse/warns by higher globals.
    So kindly do not give ranks to unwanted users.


    You can also contact following admins to confirm your room ownership with a payment.

    1: Cedric

    2: Froz

    3: Sanin

    4: (Moi)


    Spanish translation by Sanin



    Queridos jugadores de RGC,


    Hemos detectado muchos canales personalizados no queridos/no pagos que fueron muy dificiles de localizar.

    Tuvimos que llegar a un punto de cerrar todos los canales personalizados (Gaming, Chat RPG, LoD) el dia  3 deSeptiembre. 

    Tienes solamente 3 dias para reclamar tu canal transfiriendole el pago del mes en RGDS a HAKKA o MOON

    Nota: (RGDS comprados en shop.rankedgaming.com o por un Agente Official Verificado) (los Agentes Verificados son los que estan voucheados en el canal Official RGDS S)

    1: Sanin ( Sa/Argentina )

    2: (moi) ( Sa/Bolivia)
    3: assasins.ftw ( India )

    4: [K]ung[Fu]Zeng. (Peru)

    5: Riza (Philippines )



    #Obtendras rango Commander gratis por un mes en cada canal propio que hayas reclamado y hecho el pago.

    #Obtendras rango Channel Vip por un mes, solo si abonas 100 RGDS de mas de el monto que deberias abonar por cada canal.


    Renovaciones proximas para los canales.

    # Nuevos Rangos/Titulos

    # Rangos mas elevados (DIOS del Canal) Nivel 2000++

    # Acceso Divino. (Podras dar rangos mas altos que el head admin los cuales no tendran cupo limite )

    Por favor: Ningun tipo de abuso sera tolerador sea cual sea. El canal puede cerrarse inmediatamente si se encuentran abusos masivos o llamados de atencion por globales.
    Por consecuencia no des rangos a usuarios no deseados.


    Tambien puedes contacar a los siguientes admins para confirmar que eres dueño de tu canal enviando el pago en RGDS correspondiente.

    1: Cedric

    2: Froz

    3: Sanin

    4: (Moi)






  5. God`eYe is now timebanned from this channel until 04:39 on 06/07/2019

    UK_Kyiv28 is now timebanned from this channel until 04:40 on 06/07/2019


  6. That's a global tour announcement and hes also a part of events.team crew so it cannot be counted as abuse unless hes spamming it every seconds.



  7. That's a global tour announcement and hes also a part of events.team crew so it cannot be counted as abuse unless hes spamming it every seconds.



  8. You never stopped mocking admin staffs, when you could bypass and now when you can't you are posting an apology?


    HD bans are never meant to be lifted


  9. There are few cases in which the bans were legit . Cedric is considered as one of the best working staffs among other globals. I have seen some bans he made where in the case player was literally LOW SKILLED and not fit to play in RANKED GAMING CLIENT ITSELF.We always try to maintain our minimal gaming standard and keep its name higher and higher.Unlike players we admins always check the users history/gamelogs and define the ban duration. I don't understand why do users keep on supporting the abusers in thread, which is the worst case scenario. If you really want to support someone at least do check their history and gamelogs.YES! THAT ABUSER CAN ALSO BE IN YOUR TEAM  WHERE YOU HAVE THE SAME FEELING AS CEDRIC DID. It's all of your job to keep RGC a better place. 

    PS: There is no so called friends when it comes to staffing. I have no comments to the users who feels like "x" user cannot be demoted because "x" higher admin is his friend which is default by a false assumption.


    However,  Despite everything racism/flame cannot be tolerated whatsoever may be the case but this doesn't deny the fact that he is still a rgc.team staff and can be back if he decides to post a decent apology for the shits he did after 60 days.

    Cedric already received punishment for the same case 2+ times.

    So i have decided to remove his rights and demote him.