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  1. piquisc has been permanently banned from eu public for leaving/ruining multiple games !BANNED
  2. Replay not provided !Denied
  3. I assume you have got the wrong idea of backdoor. New map is default by backdoor protected map yet there are some heros which can outpush the limit but in the current case everything was normal. You must know when your opponent creep waves are inside your base, and every other lane towers are destroyed the other side sill can be raxed without being backdoor protected not only that they can also directly end the game if even 1 opponent creep is alive inside your base. Elaborating the situation : They already raxed your offlane. There was a creep wave inside your base while visage was pushing.So it can't be counted as backdoor. Ps: Backdoor is allowed though unless there's some game breaking bugs. !Denied
  4. Anti Gaming verified! ( intentionally feeding to enemies ) Demon_LORD91 has been banned
  5. Anti gaming verified! !Granted TopCrix has been banned.
  6. solved

    Ingame stuffs aren't really meant to be HDBANNED but if hes mocking staff/admin repeatedly with multi lan accounts he will be banned. !closed
  7. map id 2478
  8. solved

    Account sharing is prohibited and bannable offense. This shall be a verbal warning to you . Next offense will lead to access removal followed by 10days compban.
  9. !ban cleared
  10. puntakara has been unbanned.
  11. solved

    EL:PERUANO has been banned
  12. map id 2468
  13. !under investigation.
  14. Chance given !unbanned
  15. solved

    Unbanned and history cleared.
  16. Map id 2466
  17. This is a test version but being popular map i have uploaded it in our database but you all need to use the above mentioned links to download the map.
  18. Protected version !Denied
  19. map id 2463
  20. Firstly, there are 3 ways to purchase rgds officially. 1 : Shop ( Shop.rankedgaming.com ) 2 : Western Union . 3 : Verified RGC Agent/Staff. Things not to do. 1: Purchase rgds from illegal parties. 2: Receiving unwanted rgds gift from an unknown user or even a friend. 3: Any kind of rgds selling will lead to permanent ban. Selling includes RGDS won from the Tournament , RGDS transferred from global as gift or Tour purpose. Process : 1: Shop: http://shop.rankedgaming.com/ Mastercard/visa/Paypal note : All cards are not valid for online purchase. If you are experiencing error while purchasing Contact your bank and ask them to provide you online banking card which is eligible for making online purchase/payments. 2 : Western Union For Western process Follow the Forum : http://rankedgaming.com/board/topic/165048-rgds-via-western-union/ 3 : Verified RGC Agent/Staff Note : How to know if a Agent is verified ? 1: All of the official sellers must be vouched in channel Official RGDS S Example : Lists of Verified RGDS Seller and their infos 1 : Demontion RGID #1656 (South America, BOLIVIA) CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS 2: Sanin RGID : #63196 ( South America) CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE 3: (moi) RGID : #230959188 ( Bolivia) 4 : Riza RGID : #230747885 ( Philippines ) CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS 5 : LordCyrax RGID : #228924365 (Iran) 6 : Bribe RGID : #235701616 (Venezuela ) 7 : UFO|Marshal. RGID : #235704120 (MONGOLIA/Korea ) CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS 8 : Assasins.ftW RGID : #237656058 ( India ) CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS Strictly NO EXCUSES. IF YOU ARE FOUND BUYING/SELLING EVEN 1 RGD/RANKS FROM UNAUTHORISED USER YOUR ACCOUNT/IP WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED.
  21. #Requirements Email Address must be linked. The recovery system is all automated to keep users able to reach their account with the same associated email. If you have linked an email to your account it can be used to complete the process as following: 1- open RGC website 2- use the email domain that you have linked your email through (Gmail, Microsoft or Yahoo). 3- after you login you will be redirected to your game history. 4- at the upper left there is a drop list under ADMIN button 5- click ADMIN button and from the drop list click LOGIN you will be redirected to Link Email page. 6- at the left side you will find Change Password button, there where you can complete the process. For a tutorial video Click Here