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  1. Work being done. Auction room will be opened soon where you can get chance to get inactive names that you desire.
  2. solved

    !pending under observation
  3. !pending under observation
  4. can you provide epic wars link?
  5. map id 2491
  6. Proofs not sufficient enough to ban as bypasser. Keep relevant proofs about his actions with links/referrals !closed
  7. !ban cleared
  8. solved

    Check if you can login now. !Pending
  9. Demontion has been strictly warned for what he did. It's completely unacceptable. Next offense will lead to demotion.
  10. solved

    If higher staff decides to demote you then there is no helping it. !Closed
  11. Please provide epic wars link
  12. To start with Dynamic points system is highly recommended for pvt leagues where there are few games/day but in our case where there are daily increasing users and number of games static points system is the best to count in. Change points system to STATIC. (Win 5 points - Lose 3 points) vote rate 70% Static points system will be applied followed by ladder reset at the end of the season i.e may 31st 00.00 rmt Top 1 in ladder will receive Lod champion title where rest 2-5 will receive room champion rank at the end of the season. !Closed
  13. He was given chance by cedric himself. there weren't any other accounts associated with it to verify bypass. !Denied
  14. Gem has 900 vision range. When sf used lothar and furion sprouted sniper was away its range and when sniper went a bit near SF could be seen. No bug detected !Closed
  15. Refer here : !Closed
  16. !Replay reviewed Can be counted as low skilled which is not really bannable offense for public games.(basing on game) Since nothing has been done intentionally.The report is counted as invalid ( Your team had bad heros meanwhile your opponent had solo kill potential heros and they pushed early in a result to loss ) !Denied
  17. !Replay reviewed Reason not quiet enough to ban Treant. !Denied
  18. Not sufficient enough to prove game ruining !Denied
  19. Game ruining verified! StanleyKKK has been banned.
  20. femala95 has been banned For FER_KEEN_GR8 , Your opponents were outfarmed. He couldn't help with anything. Since nothing has been done intentionally i.e feed/spoil report for FER_KEEN_GR8 will be Denied
  21. Not quiet enough to ban pudge. As a player you weren't even efficient in that game to win it. !Denied
  22. refer here :
  23. !Denied Statement not sufficient enough to ban Huskar