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  1. map protected Denied
  2. solved

    picolo341's ban is cleared! Next time make sure to watch your words while posting a request.
  3. map id 2807
  4. Apology accepted !chance given
  5. map id 2806
  6. denied

    Chance given
  7. solved

    What you did is counted as unprofessional behavior. Ban is valid but the duration will be reduced to half !closed
  8. uploaded 2792-2795
  9. denied

    This whole report doesn't make any sense !closed
  10. Waiting for epic wars link if any !pending
  11. Map id 2791
  12. map id 2784
  13. map id 2780
  14. solved

    Renamed to marlyne11
  15. You were not just playing bad you were all chatting and flaming a VIP which leads to a 5d ban. !Closed
  16. aceptado

    Chance has been given. The next offense will lead to 3 months/Permanent ban depending on the offense.
  17. granted

    Chance has been given. Next will be a permanent ban.
  18. map id 2774
  19. Map id 2773
  20. solved

    This is a bit complex but it cannot be actually counted as abuse since there's a rule in bolivia cw that players with map hack history are not entertained. But i have come to a point on making it fair since Team Pouya has been a decent team and have a history of multiple tournament wins. 1: There will be a best of 3 game between Winner team vs Team the chosen one. Winner team prizes won't be revoked. IF team Chosen one loses they will not get any prize and will be counted as loser in round 3.
  21. granted

    You are unbanned but i am pretty sure he didn't say "Said you can try me i am giving money to rgc extra extra." that's just funny. We give them some vip priorities but we don't sell our pride and stand against rules. Thank you
  22. MAP ID 2771
  23. !Denied Very less downloads