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  1. map id 2654
  2. solved

    n o prize for staff jke. I have got you covered. i was away due to my health , buzz me when your on.
  3. map id 2652
  4. map id 2651
  5. closed!

    !forwarded to dracol1ch
  6. 1.0 General 1.1 Be Mannered. 1.2 Any kind of bug abusing is not allowed. 1.3 Deceiving a admin, inappropriate behaviour towards Tournament Organizer/admins can lead to instant disqualification. 1.4 Get your Team Subscribed/Confirmed with Tournament Organizers to grant you a vouch in a room 5 days before the tournament. (Registration is mandatory but without being confirmed your vouches won't be granted) 1.5 Blacklisted players are restricted to join any kind of major/minor/private tournaments of RGC. Taking any of these players in your team will lead to instant DISQUALIFICATION! 2.0 Observers 2.1 Only Admins and officially assigned members are allowed to observe games. 2.2 Replays are mandatory and needs to be submitted to staff members inorder to update the bracket. 3.0 In Game Rules 3.1 No item restrictions as of now. 3.2 For Bo3 games , 1st Game starts with -Roll. Roll winner can choose the hostbot as they are fit where other can choose the side. Second game is vice versa. For third game ROLL decides the both hostbot/side. (This rule is applicable for leagues hosting tournament with more than 1 hostbot(server). 3.3 Backdoor is allowed. 3.4 Creepblocking/skipping is allowed but stopping wave completely will be counted as violation and team will be DQED. Next wave creeps must pass after the end of your spell. 3.5 It is allowed Aggro creeps. 3.6 Game can be restarted with mode -AP with same heros/items and lineups if more than 3 players in each team gets error/bug.( Inform tournament admins before doing so) 3.7 Game must be played till the end or you can use !ff command to early forfeit. ( Do not remake or leave games even if you suspect something wrong with a player/team) 4.0 Pause/Resume Rules 4.1 Incessant pausing is not allowed. 4.2 Pausing limit for 1 game is 10 minutes max for a team.Opponent Team can unpause the game with timer after the time limitation exceeds. 4.3 Mention timer before pausing eg 3 2 1 not 321 at the same time ( warning/dq depending on the game scenario) 4.4 Pausing during draft phase is not allowed 4.5 Pausing while attacking the throne is not allowed. (1st offense = Warn , 2nd offense = Game loss ) 5.0 Reserves 5.1 A team can have 2 substitute player max. They must be vouched in a room with same team name while playing in tournament. ( Registration name in tour thread is mandatory ) 5.2 Substitute player can be given chance to play with available team . Please request tournament staff to revouch you to play for the team you want if team captain of x Team agrees. 5.3 You cannot take players who already played for another team or DQED team. ( For assistance whisper events staff to change the name of team in both room and forum thread. 5.4 Taking Blacklisted players will lead to disqualification. 6.0 Disconnects and Extra 6.1 Game can be remade for 2 times max if the player disconnects before first 5 minutes after the game starts. ( Game cannot be remade if a team already achieved FIRST BLOOD. Applicable for fatal error as well ) 6.2 Game restarts with -zm mode with same heroes/items/lineups. If game is re-drafted team must follow the same format of captains mode ,1-2 with same hero ban/picks . 6.3 RGC has rights to restart the game before 10 minutes even if the first blood occurred with valid reason.(Specially in games starting from (4th round or Quarter finals) 7.0 Logins/Ip and account sharing 7.1 Logins/Ip will be checked when where necessary by admins specially from round 3-4 .If you are playing from net cafe prefer to not to change your pc. 7.2 Sharing an account to your friend to play will lead to Team Disqualification! (IP and computer will be checked ) 7.3 Suspicious and frequently changed ips/vpn/net cafe is prohibited. ( If your using vpn login with same server for whole tournament) Note : # Failure to comply above mentioned can lead to DISQUALIFICATION. NO EXCUSES!! # Make sure to fix your computer, internet connection, computer accessories ,Hotkeys.NO EXCUSES WILL BE ACCEPTED! "Win or lose play fairly" Violating above mentioned rules can lead to Game loss , Disqualification , Tour/Permanent ban depending on the offense. For Spanish Version : https://pastebin.com/gR4EvzUL
  7. BLACK LISTED USERS: Divided by regions and listed by alphabet order for easier searching, please make sure they are not inside your team because that will be violating rules. Please report to tournament admins if you see them playing! 1 valid report = 100 rgds prize. (will be updated frequently) SA: Elvistwo<3 llGabO.oll |Hartman. 彡Mizuki彡 zhamar EU: Alija^ armin_kinG BEZZZOBBRAZEN BurNIng Cherabadi? _d00m_ dota.player_ GiveMeHugBaby GL.RiVorN IR.Rebel KONJINA Ks.DarK^^MooN [L]orenzo`FTW NoMoreMaybies ASIA: BelongtoNoWhere -FAUXNiM plazackyy RGC.Miracle- BLACK LISTED CLANS: OLDF Rabbits SATANIK! TDK NAVI
  8. map exists in db , 2630
  9. map id 2631
  10. Map id 2629
  11. map id 2628
  12. Any epic wars link?
  13. map id 2623
  14. denied

  15. Dear user , It is very easy to say and equally hard to execute the plan as you mentioned. There are very few regions who have their own active team. Country tour is not something which should be hosted in a hululu way. When it comes to RGC name in it there are lots of things to be considered. Do 1 thing List me /Gather me Teams who are up for this tour and are also active in rgc from europe region only .If you can provide me atleast 8 teams who are up for this tour , i will make it happen. If you accept the challenge Repost it with team names and user rgids. Good Luck!
  16. denied

    https://prnt.sc/pl7g7m bye
  17. solved

    Refer here :
  18. solved

    Freezbrah ingame swap access without being his host has been removed. (He will only be able to use those commands in his own hosted games) Xavas Admin immunity in game has been removed. Thank you for reporting.
  19. Your suggestion is great but we are bringing up some changes in next patch which will make a balanced match making in public rooms. Most users are fed up with afkers/leavers and stacked games. So this change is mandatory in first phase. We will be keeping your ideas in to do list with proper moderation to ensure balance match making. +1 for your suggestion.
  20. solved

    No votes or supports will be considered. The decision is final . A user who opens a thread telling GLOBALS TO GROW UP AND EVERYONE SUPPORTING LIKE ACE HIRED YOU TO DO SO. BIASED USERS WILL BE BANNED AS WELL. !CLOSED
  21. solved

    Cedric has been removed from his job rights due to excessive complains and bad behavior.
  22. RGC IGN : Hakka
  23. granted

    Considered game situation. !Unbanned
  24. solved

  25. map id 2602