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  1. map id 2373
  2. map id 2372
  3. Ban is made basing on users history. So far ingame stuffs can be muted as well, i would have even gave a chance for this but never ending cancer can't be helped. Ban is valid and will stay. Note : Be less cancer to avoid getting bans. !CLOSED
  4. !closed
  5. Official/Private Leagues already have detailed KDA information but it's yet to be applied on public rooms. Subject Referred to Roger/Charbel
  6. It's a rare desync bug . I assume i explained to you @pm about this matter. !Closed
  7. Chance given.
  8. !ban history cleared RGC Standard Ban Duration rules will be followed from the next season.
  9. map id 2362
  10. hellhalt v5.0.20 map id 2360 Survival Chaos : 2361
  11. map id 2359
  12. Map id 2358
  13. very old/least popular map !Denied
  14. map id 2357
  15. Dividing the community in 2 parts with same hostbot is never a good idea . You can see the good example at LOD and LOD Mongolia. This is also the reason we forbid opening a new custom lod room even without payments or whatsoever. I did talked to you when you came to me via pm. Revolution : i have few ideas in my head which is yet to be applied and it's BIG for LOD . There's a 80% possibility we will start the changes at November 1. Stay Tuned