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  1. granted

    map id 2966
  2. map id 2955
  3. solved

    Chance given !closed
  4. granted

    Min 9;50 sold all items and purchased sentries inresulting to Gameruin [resaka].troll. has been banned. multi leaves detected 22/42 Game leaves [resaka].troll. has been client banned.
  5. denied

    (N)itro 1/20 DC ( He dced only 1 game from his past 20 games) yeniyetme doesn't have high disconnection, if you report him again without a valid reason, you will be banned instead. Not sufficient enough !Denied
  6. denied

    !Denied Not sufficient enough to ban
  7. denied

    !Denied Not sufficient enough to ban
  8. granted

    GoodGuy231 has been banned Pings can be ignored by using !mute command
  9. solved

    Ban duration reduced !closed
  10. granted

    Existing version 2941
  11. granted

    Map id 2993
  12. granted

    Map id 2925
  13. solved

    !Solved Closed
  14. denied

    Least Popular map !Denied
  15. granted

    map id 2909