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  1. granted

    Map id 3088
  2. denied

    Report the thread with your original account
  3. granted

    map id 3082
  4. granted

    map id 3081
  5. granted

    map id 3077
  6. Registration Closed!!
  7. [img]https://i.imgur.com/YnsOOL1.png[/img] CLICK HERE ►►(☺☻)◄◄ TO CHECK GLOBAL RULES FOR DOTA. CLICK HERE ►►(☺☻)◄◄ TO CHECK GLOBAL TOURNAMENT RULES CLICK HERE ►►(☺☻)◄◄ TO CHECK BLACKLISTED CLANS/USERS FOR THIS TOURNAMENT Registration Format : Tournament Brought to you by RANKED GAMING CLIENT Special thanks : Roger , Charbel , zozozoe Tournament Sponsored by : zozozoe Tournament Head : zozozoe , Hakka Tournament Crew Leads: Enigma Tournament Crew management: Events.Team Banner Design/edit: Creative Tournament official streamers (Interested streamers can send me DM or email me at [email protected] with details) #TOBEANNOUNCED
  8. solved

    I wonder how you can proudly say mining and selling mh Any kind of trade/third-party referrals are strictly prohibited. !Banned
  9. granted

    map id 3042
  10. Name of Team: Hex Gaming Captain: Hakka Members: Luxuray, Mighty, Resq, Pnt
  11. granted

    Map id 3001
  12. granted

    !chance given
  13. solved

    123最佳 has been banned for 15d for Match fixing !Hetthen_ rgc has been computer banned for feeding/ruining multiple games. !closed