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  1. granted

    beargodlike's computer has been banned by Froz. !Closed.
  2. closed

    Map is protected & it can't be uploaded. !Closed.
  3. denied

    Map isn't popular enough nor with the downloads. !Closed.
  4. granted

    Map id 2963 !Closed.
  5. denied

    Map not popular enough nor with downloads. !Closed.
  6. granted

    Map id 2962 !Closed.
  7. granted

    LordAhrimaan's computer has been banned by Froz. !Closed.
  8. granted

    Sevi0408's computer has been unbanned by Froz. Next time control your emotion / temper & learn to forgive / forget & move on . !Closed.
  9. granted

    Why to unban? You were literally warned, kicked you twice as well instead of realizing your mistake you decided to act more rowdy . Due to your own actions you earned yourself the ban if you want unban post an decent apology thread & i'll think of lifting your ban .
  10. granted

    Ban cleared. !Closed.
  11. closed

    This section is for Clean Banhistory not for Ban/Unban Request. Post in the right section with proper format. !Closed.
  12. granted

    Just this once I'm lifting your ban. Next time if you are found / reported about leaving games ban will be permanent so fix your internet connections etc.. before you join to play any games. And also the same excuse will not be entertained next time. chey04's computer has been unbanned by Froz. !Closed.
  13. granted

    Map id 2957 !Closed.
  14. closed

    When you want to report about staffs / admin abusing make sure you attach valid proofs as well. Just by giving your statement about the staff abusing isn't going to help as we need evidence to investigate / proceed with the matter / case. Therefor this report / thread will be denied / closed due to insufficient of proof. !Closed.