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  1. denied

    Map isn't popular enough nor with the downloads. !Closed.
  2. granted

    Map id 3063 Map id 3064 !Closed.
  3. denied

    You have valid bans & it can't be cleared. Those valid bans of yours were unbanned by globals as chance but that doesn't change the fact that the bans are still valid. Therefor your request is denied. !Closed.
  4. granted

    Map id 3062 !Closed.
  5. granted

    Reported user has been banned from the platform. If you see the user bypassing again report in forum along with valid proofs & actions will be taken against the user / bypasser. And also if the user doesn't stops bypassing I'll request higher global for advance ban type. !Closed.
  6. denied

    They are not the same users. !Closed.
  7. closed

    Lifting your ban is beyond my access, you have no other choice but to mail higher admins & wait for them to reply. And kindly stop posting for the same request again & again. Thank you. !Closed.
  8. granted

    Users in RGC are never allowed to insult / abuse channel staffs / globals remember that. Just this once I'm lifting your ban & giving you chance, next time if you are reported / found repeating such mistakes again it'll be permanent ban for you. Happy Gaming in RGC. PS :- You'll personally apologize to Jackpro555 in RGC when you see him online repent for your doing. Mrdjsg's computer has been unbanned by Froz. !Closed.
  9. closed

    Your ban type is advanced ban, email @Hakka to know whether you can get chance or not [email protected] though in such cases such ban types are permanent . Goodluck. !Closed.
  10. denied

    Your excuse is indeed interesting but I doubt on the same day you are being banned from (Asia) Public & Philippines. Hard to digest the excuse you gave to cover yourself . Anyways I gave my reply here you can go through it :- PS :- Please don't say user zana^^ & RJZ325 is not connected with each other . !Closed.
  11. closed

    Refer here :- !Closed.
  12. denied

    Leaving games is not something new for you, and I don't think everytime you have internet problem as well . By looking at your banhistory you seem to be very active in leaving / spoiling games so therefor your request for unban is denied. Ban will not be lifted you'll serve the ban till it's expired, also if you are found / reported for leaving / spoiling games again your ban type will be above channel ban. !Closed.
  13. closed

    Refer here :- !Closed.
  14. solved

    The user newaz is paid global & he has the access to use swap command in signed games as well. User cannot use kick command beside that all is legit. You can visit here as well for further details regarding about paid global ranks :- PS :- The user newaz has been told as well not to abuse kick command in signed games. !Closed.
  15. granted

    Map id 3061 !Closed.