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  1. Reported user is banned from the platform & due to the user's action i'll request higher's to permanently ban the user since the user is also an bypasser. !Closed.
  2. closed

    Guess you lost your opportunity to even post for unban request in forum now,this shall be your last post in forum. !Closed.
  3. granted

    User has been banned,i'll forward an request to higher global for hd / uuid ban. But in the meantime if you see the user bypassing again report in forum & i'll continue banning the user accounts / computer. !Closed.
  4. granted

    Reported user is banned along with other dummy accounts,if you see the user bypassing again report in forum with valid proofs & actions will be take against the user / bypasser. !Closed.
  5. granted

    I'm giving you chance this once since your banhistory & game history are clean. But the next time if you are banned don't expect any chances so think twice before leaving / spoiling any games in (Asia) Public. >_<*Why has been unbanned by Froz. !Closed.
  6. denied

    Moved from (Asia) Public Unban Request section.
  7. denied

    takeiteasy_333 this account belongs to you & that account is banned from entering the client & also you do know the reason what it is banned for . So till you don't accept / realize your mistake don't bother posting for Unban Request & also if you keep wanting to tell new stories i'll make sure i ban you in Forum as well ,hope you got my point. !Closed.
  8. Pornitos¹ has been unbanned by Froz. Pornitos¹'s computer has been unbanned by Froz. !Closed.
  9. closed

    Hey idiot how many times i have to explain myself? Since you have decided to spam in forum also i'll give you break from forum as well now. !Closed.
  10. denied

    You won't be getting any unbans & by looking at your banhistory very soon you'll earn the ban you received earlier from my side again. So take my warning seriously now if i ever see report about you leaving games / spamming in lobby / disrespecting channel staffs i'll make sure i ban you permanently in RGC. And whatever reason you give to cover your mistake i'll not accept it! !Closed.
  11. closed

    Wait for your answer / decision here :- And if i find you spamming again & again for the same reason i'll ban you in forum as well. !Closed.
  12. denied

    You know leaving is an offense & you also have been banned before for the same reason yet you repeat the same mistake again. Even if your mates told you to leave,i doubt that you didn't know the consequences for leaving a game? Ban will not be lifted you'll serve the ban till the given time period expires. !Closed.
  13. granted

    For this once i'm accepting your apology but remember if the next time you are found repeating such silly mistakes again ban will be permanent. Dil_lagi's computer has been unbanned by Froz. !Closed.
  14. Ban is issued by @Hakka so he'll decide whether to give you chance or not.
  15. closed

    You were literally spamming & mocking Globals in (Asia) Public did you forget that?Or you have some memory issue? You were being warned also but you didn't took the warning seriously & brought this upon to yourself,your ban will not be lifted. Post Unban Request after an month or so..till then don't bother posting for Unban Request or you'll be banned from Forum as well! !Closed.