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  1. Cleared!
  2. Registration for " Global ShadowFiend Tournament " is now closed.
  3. The reported user is already banned from the channel for his actions. !Closed.
  4. Refer here : !Closed.
  5. Due to confusions / error in warkeys he had to encounter that sort of issue in war3. He will be warned this time, the next he'll be banned if found repeating such mistakes again. !Closed.
  6. The user has been unvouched from the channel & your banhistory has been cleared. !Closed.
  7. Refer here :- !Closed.
  8. Your thread has already been replied by Cedric so avoid spamming the same post again & again or you might face forum consequences as well. !Closed.
  9. Your ban can't be cleared since you already have valid bans from before & about the ban in LoD SA, staff will be warned to check properly & ban next time. !Closed.
  10. Wrong section, post in the right section for ban request. !Closed.
  11. Wrong section, post in the right section for unban request. !Closed.
  12. Your banhistory has been cleared. !Closed.
  13. This account is not banned in forum & if it was to be banned i don't think you would be able to post anything in forum as well. !Closed.
  14. Wrong section. Post your report in the right section,this section is for "Cleaning Banhistory" not for "Ban Request". !Closed.
  15. !Denied. Your banhistory can't be cleaned since you already have tons of valid bans from before & it doesn't makes any difference if you are staff or admin. It's clearly mentioned on the thread to "Clean Banhistory" you mustn't have any valid bans from before or else it'll be denied. !Closed.