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  1. Post in the correct section with proper format. . !Closed.
  2. solved

    Ban will not be removed & those statements you have given in your post is not enough to proof you are innocent. Cedric rechecked your IP & the IP's are showing the same traces as those given accounts name you have mentioned above. And lastly not the least if you had already known about the chaos / problem this user has created before how can you share that much of your accounts to him? So not fully but somewhere part of that you are also to be wrong for sharing your account to the user. Ban will not be lifted for now & i shall discuss about this topic along with Dracula , Cedric & Asia staff members as well. !Closed.
  3. Next time when you are being warned / kicked with a reason learn to take that given reason seriously cause those warning / kicking is given for a reason to make you understand / realize what you are doing is not right & it's for your own good sake not for me. If you had realized your mistake back then you wouldn't had to go through such moments. Anyways i'm giving you chance for this time & make sure you don't repeat such mistakes again. Use this " chance " wisely because there won't be any if you repeat such mistakes again. !Closed.
  4. Just this once i'm giving you chance the next time don't expect any chances. !Closed.
  5. Ban cleared. !Closed.
  6. !Closed.
  7. You are banned because this account alexabliss1 belongs to you . And the ban is 100% valid as well. !Closed.
  8. !Denied. No matter how old the ban is , as long as it is a valid ban it can't be cleared. !Closed.
  9. !Denied. you have valid bans from 2019 as well & if we start cleaning those old bans for you , we'll be getting tons of request from RGC users to clean their ban-histories as well . !Closed.
  10. !Denied. You have valid bans apart from illegal advertising as well so it can't be cleared. !Closed.
  11. Ban cleared for #bo0o0om account but this Cherabadi account it has valid ban & it can't be cleared. !Closed.
  12. Ban cleared. !Closed.
  13. Ban can't be cleared since your account has already tons of valid bans from before. And it doesn't matter whether you took the account from someone else or not as long as the IP matches along with your main account the bans will appear in your main / dummy account as well. !Closed.
  14. Refer here :- !closed.
  15. Wrong section, this section is meant for " Clean Banhistory " , not for " Ban Request ". !Closed.