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  1. Wrong section,post your unban request for (Eu) Public here :- !Closed.
  2. !Granted. Your banhistory has been cleared. !Closed.
  3. Wrong section post your unban request for LoD Asia here :- !Closed.
  4. Moved from Asia Region Unban Request section.
  5. Re-post your unban request after 30 days & @Hakka will decide whether to unban you or not. !Closed.
  6. !Granted. BFF.NewSorrows is now timebanned from this channel until 19:43 on 28/11/2018 !Closed.
  7. There is no active bans on this account. !Closed.
  8. !Denied. You already have tons of valid bans & it can't be cleared. !Closed.
  9. Your 4th & 7th ban reason seems to be valid & on such cases you can't decide whether the ban is valid or not it is upto the staffs to decide it since every channel in RGC has its own specific Channel Rules & in your case i don't think your ban can be cleared as i mentioned about your 4th & 7th ban reason. !Closed.
  10. Your computer has already been unbanned & next time know your limitation. !Closed.
  11. Well the user who made the report isn't able to provide sufficient proofs against the reported user so i guess this issue / case is closed. And the user has been warned as well, so i guess its all sorted out as well. !Closed.
  12. I guess you got your answers why you were banned for. !Closed.
  13. !Denied. Even though the staff ban was invalid you already have valid bans from before so it can't be cleared if you didn't had valid bans from before then your banhistory could have been cleared. !Closed.
  14. Get proper evidence of the user spamming racial comments / messages. We just can't ban someone by your statement / point of view.
  15. Wrong section. If you are posting for ban / unban request post it in your regional section & if you don't know where is it you can take help from staffs in RGC or from Support Room. !Closed.