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  1. AGL November Season Inhouse Tournament Team Name :- Akatsuki vs Fierce Gaming Replay :- Winner :- Akatsuki Team Name :- Excellent Gamerz vs SELECTION Replay :- Winner :- SELECTION Team Name :- Akatsuki vs Gambit Replay :- Winner :- Akatsuki Team Name :- Moonlight vs Excellent Gamerz Replay :- Winner :- Moonlight Team Name :- Akatsuki vs SELECTION Replay :- Winner :- SELECTION Team Name :- Gambit vvs Akatsuki Replay :- Winner :- Gambit [FINALS] Team Name :- Gambit vs SELECTION Replay :- Winner :- Gambit Team Name :- Gambit vs SELECTION Replay :- Winner :- SELECTION Bracket :- Tour Information / Details :- AGLInhouseTournament Tour Hosted / Managed By :- AGL.STAFFS
  2. !Denied. You already have valids bans from before the least we can do is unban you from the room you were banned & warn the staffs but for cleaning your banhistory its not possible as i stated the reasons on the 1st sentence / line. !Closed.
  3. Detail / Format of Cleaning Banhistory is here in this thread :- if you already have valid bans from before your banhistory can't be cleaned simple as that. !Closed.
  4. He was banned & already given a warning for his actions if he is found repeating such things again he shall be compban or you can simply give this thread link to him if he isn't aware about the upcoming consequences he'll face if repeating such mistakes again. !Closed.
  5. Next time fix your internet connections Autoban is there for a reason as well it doesn't just bans user for no reason.Will be unbanning you for this time but next time there'll be no chance. ..Riot has been unbanned by Froz. !Closed.
  6. Refer here :- !Closed.
  7. WolfNfox~'s computer has been banned by Froz. WolfNfox~ has been banned by Froz. Racism is not tolerated in RGC & by looking at his actions he went beyond his limit. So let this ban be a lesson to every user in RGC who thinks " Racism " is fun & enjoyable. And also to all the users in Ranked Gaming Client, you all are here in this platform to enjoy your time by playing DOTA , RPG , LoD & so instead of passing out racism comment / messages to each other try to understand each other more & keep " Positive " thinking's about everyone in RGC. By having a " Negative point of view towards Racism will gain you nothing but only loss towards your knowledge & character ". So enjoy your time in Ranked Gaming Client which in other word " Where Gaming Matters " & say " NO TO RACISM ". Thank You. !Closed.
  8. Wrong section, kindly post your report in the right section & if you don't know which section you are suppose to post you can take help from staffs in RGC. !Closed.
  9. !Denied. You already have tons of valid bans in your account so it can't be cleared. For more info / details about " Cleaning Banhistory " visit here :- !Closed.
  10. This section is meant for Cleaning Banhistory not for Spoiler/GameRuiners Reports. Kindly post your report in the right section & if you don't know which section it is you can ask staffs in RGC for help. !Closed.
  11. !Denied. Your previous bans are all valid & it can't be cleared, to clear your banhistory you mustn't have any valid bans. !Closed.
  12. Moved from Clean Banhistory section. @KoolSaVaS
  13. The user you are reporting is actually my dummy account & the swap was made due to lack of players signing for game since night time its hard to get players to sign for game. And you were not part of the game as well so i don't think it should affect you. !Closed.
  14. There is no pending bans in your banhistory i guess it's solved. And next time kindly post in the right section for your unban request this section is meant for Asia Region. !Closed.
  15. Ban time has been expired. You are no longer banned in (Asia) Public. !Closed.