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  1. closed

    Hey hyoyatika, I've seen you post bypass post everyday. "I've strong evidence that he is jaan" haha And u_talking_to_me, you may or may not be right but you've already posted for the same many times and now stop dancing like a clown on every post that isn't related to you. You've posted there, you'll get your reply there (hopefully), and if nycto has actually done that, admins have the full right to ban him but WITH THE CORRECT REASON. Bypass means something else, so get outta here joker.
  2. solved

    ((: disprove this somehow with any proof Idk how can a person even bypass when he isn't even banned, is he mentally retarded or something?
  3. Reported user - Cedric ofc FIRST OF ALL, HOW IS THIS THREAD SOLVED BY ANY MEANS? PLEASE ANSWER ME. REALLY YOU GUYS. He was demoted thrice or perhaps what 4 times!? And you guys ignored this post like a joke to save that joker and you guys call yourself FAIR? LOL WoW. And now the bypass shit starts again, has he still produced ONE single proof of bypass against refresh? Hakka, I think this is now too much from your cancerous staff. 'Be FAIR'. he might be the most hard-working, but so many reports, I don't think you'd give so many chances to other staffs so for God's sake, be a man. And hey Cedric, stop being salty, produce some proofs and learn a little bit of manners. I could completely molest you here but then you and your colleagues love banning, now don't y'all 😋
  4. solved

    And ffs, unban him till the 'INVESTIGATION' goes on, he has done nothing wrong. You don't need to keep him waiting till the time you think Cedric is guilty of a power abuse. He can be demoted/banned/WARNED anytime later but for now, unban this guy. As you staffs call it, it's invalid unless you attach proofs so yep. Or else, if you guys are going to let him be banned, then do take a SERIOUSLY STRICT ACTION and not a demote for 3 days followed by a similar 5k rank yet again. It's damn annoying. He's been demoted so many times, twice by our reports itself. It's like, because he knows, he will be back in 3d, he doesn't care & continues. So for God sake, stop giving chances to a complete nut.
  5. solved

    And how many times was he demoted? Twice, yes? Would've been a final warn that? Wouldn't it? But the person wouldn't stop with his racism too, now would he? https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=62495831 (from 19 mins) 19:48 SENTINEL Cedric greek swin 19:49 SENTINEL Cedric 33:49 SENTINEL Cedric fucking dog 33:52 SENTINEL Cedric fuck ytour litber 33:55 SENTINEL Cedric mother 33:58 SENTINEL Cedric fucking animal 33:59 SENTINEL Cedric balanar 34:13 SENTINEL Cedric this client 34:15 SENTINEL Cedric need to be cured 34:17 SENTINEL Cedric from these 34:28 SENTINEL Cedric what 34:29 SENTINEL Cedric evr 34:31 SENTINEL Cedric their country 34:33 SENTINEL Cedric this client 34:35 SENTINEL Cedric is fulll 34:36 SENTINEL Cedric of cancer 34:44 SENTINEL Infydel !ff 34:50 SENTINEL Cedric !pingall 34:51 SENTINEL Cedric look 34:53 SENTINEL Cedric this guy 34:56 SENTINEL Cedric el jefe 34:58 SENTINEL Cedric he is from mk Really how a 'SENIOR GLOBAL ADMIN' BEHAVES? ((: any person who has fed, this idiot will simply type !pingall and go ballistic over their country & them..not the only game.. got a few more , if needed, will provide but I think it's time already to cure the real 'cancer' that might be you, Cedric! And don't go crazy to ban me from forum because I called you cancer when you go calling people everything you can. Be a man, not a crybaby. This might, if I'm not wrong, the 3rd offense of racism too, alongside other power abuses you do everyday!! Look at Asian admins, if someone reports for real noobism too, they don't ban - the only place noobs can play is pub, but you will ban them there too.. you're one too honestly but anyway, if you think you're so good, pls play in those higher rooms & let noobs like us enjoy pubs. thanks& have a gd day.. & I seriously hope hakka doesn't give another chance to you.. because you, as i see, might just never improve.
  6. solved

    To Cedric - Although agreed, you are one of the senior global admins & I will 'assume' you don't power abuse but still, considering you've personal problems with this guy since he's got you demoted, it's a no brainer you won't leave a chance to ban him, no matter if it's a half chance.. so yeah, proofs shall be appreciated. And reply with logic, don't come shouting here thanks, good day.
  7. solved

    & if he did bypass, one good enough proof to bypass him.