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  1. (Tumbas) RGDID: 242358716 Bolivia
  2. Sun Wukong (MK) new hero:



  3. 1º esta secion es solo para report de bugs del RGC. 2º El formato esta incorrecto; es necesario tener en su denuncia el replay, el tiempo que paso eso, la cuenta del denunciante y la cuenta del denunciado. Revisa en la portada del room que paso ese game y desde la portada pondras mirar el link para denunciar.
  4. latest patched rgc https://www.mediafire.com/file/9raybu6775x1q6x/Ranked+Gaming+Client%282%29.zip
  5. Sigue algunos pasos para intentar arreglar, hasta que los Admins hagan algo; 1º desde su RGC > Menu > Settings > Dota > find > w3x y save 2º descarga el patch de nuevo y extrae en su carpeta del wc3: WC3 1.26 http://www.mediafire.com/download/ar34y4r937tkj74/TFT+Version+1.26a.zip 3º se no si arreglar descarga el wc3 full de nuevo: ● Warcraft 3 Full Version ►https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/471879-warcraft-iii-full-version-mega/
  6. a todos sale eso, creo que se arreglara mas adelante, eso no interfere en el juego.
  7. Hello Everyone,


    i did make new vídeo Tutorial and this vídeo Tutorial will help many players with ADS after end game, tell your friends about that new tutorial guys, thanks!


    How to remove ADS after ending game / Como Eliminar el anuncio que sale despues del game


    1. hexOr


      if you like, subscribe guys thanks!

  8. hexOr RGID : #232597118 Country : Brazil Message : On this Christmass, my desire is that every good thing you have sown throughout this year, you harvest it in the form of the peace, health and happiness. May you and your family feel the true peace of Chritmass. Merry Christmass!
  9. Depends on hakka bro, now you need wait for his answer. you can place it on your request too, he will check it.
  10. hi, follow these steps. #Requirements 1: Email Address must be verified. 2: Correct Display name 3 : Correct Account name. 4 : Cause : If you have 3 of these, email me at [email protected] with the same associated email with proper account details. Note: Anyother emails won't be entertained other than associated one. #Account cannot be recovered if you don't have valid email address. #Account cannot be recovered if you fail to complete the minimum Requirement stated above # Account Hacked by clicking Illegal referrals won't be recovered
  11. Turn on/off your RGC and be patient, they will fix it.
  12. RgC

    Error: Protocol Error / Server Overload
  13. Vídeo Tutorial de Como Hacer Denuncias en el RGC, se aun sigue con duda desde su RGC dijita /j supporte y habla con hexOr