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  1. granted

    [12:39] # Charbel: !timeunban Satanic*Ror invalid Satanic*Ror has been unbanned by Charbel. You starting calling him names since minute 2 you also muted him on minute 1 for no reason , the game had barelly started . So you teased him at the start of the game , muted him , called him names , and then reported him ? Consider this an official warning for you , next time you report someone and you;re at fault . Im computer banning you
  2. Cleared Thread Closed ( You also posted us the wrong name inside the link )
  3. Kindly check the screenshot
  4. Need more info about this , I think you are saying you have a problem with the patcher , thats true We had a problem with the patcher and its fixed in our latest version , you can download it from
  5. solved

    abstract class Ignorance extends Stupidity implements Unavoidable { private function __construct(){ parent::__destruct(); }; }
  6. solved

    This is useless lol , Its not the same account , its 2 accounts , you renamed one , and logged in the other with the name it had , its not really a bug and we dont disconnect users on renames because if they renamed while they are in game ( mostly when they are dead) , it would disconnect them from the game . RGC does detect this and send an automated message to RGC.Team , any of our global staff would be able to kick you even if the account has been renamed , and if were abusing it you could get computer banned
  7. solved

    This isn't a bug , and it has been there for years now . You shouldn't have 40+ rooms added to your autojoin , will add a block on this on our next patch .