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    Image Credit: iCloudy & Creative (RGC Designer) CHRISTMAS is almost here and all of you are waiting for the GIVEAWAY which is finally here. Comment down your RGID , RGC Display Name, Your country, and finally the message from your heart. We will be giving away 2 Custom Global Rank, 5 Diamond Membership, and 2 Gold Membership. I will be going live at our official RGC Facebook and RGC Hakka Page at 26th December Friday 18rmt. (Type /time in client to check accurate timing) GIVEAWAY WINNERS : https://fb.watch/2DdZQMbn_5/
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    IMPORTANTE: No aceptaremos denuncias realizas por terceras personas o que no esten presente en el GAME IMPORTANTE: Por cada reporte se puede reportar máximo dos usuarios. IMPORTANTE: No se aceptaran denuncias realizadas por el team contrario excepto: No respetar pausa, Suicidarse y Abuso de Bugs En caso de reportar dos usuarios en una misma denuncia, debera hacer un modelo para cada usuario. Maximo debe reportar 3 jugadas claras, debe ser especifico, caso contrario su denuncia sera DENEGADA CAMBIOS NUEVOS APLICAN A PARTIR DEL PRIMERO DE ENERO DEL AÑO 2021
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    Beta Tests Christmas Event With happy Christmas, happy news are coming ! ! ! Beta Tests presents you great Event: 1. Each player will be gifted by 5 RGDs per game. Event Rules: 1# Event starts at 23th December and lasts until 26th December. 2# Every Bot is valid ( .sa , .fr , .sg ). 3# Only 5v5 games will be counted. 5# Bug abuses will directly cancel the event. 6# Obvious gameruin / feeding will directly cancel the event. 7# If game got 3 or more leavers, event will be directly canceled. For more information, contact any Beta tests staff. This Event is brought to you by : RANKED GAMING CLIENT Special thanks: zozozoe Banner Creator / Editor: Creative Organizers: zozozoe , Beta Tests Team
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    1vs1 Rules - Item Restriction: ✖ - No Raindrop ✖ - No Bottle ✖ - No Tranquil Boot ✖ - No Hood of Defiance / Pipe ✖ - No Vanguard / Abyssal Blade ✖ - No Eul's Scepter of Divinity ✖ - No Neutral ✖ - No Mekansm / Guardian Greaves ✖ - No Armlet of Mordiggian ✖ - No Blademail ✖ - No Aether Lens / No Dagon ✖ - No Dagger / NO Force Stuff ✖ - No Tome of Knowledge ✔ - Roshan is allowed. ✔ - Blocking creeps is allowed. if you purchase any item from those listed above, you will be DISQUALIFIED. Breaking or selling item will not help you. Si compra algún item de los enumerados anteriormente, será DESCALIFICADO. Romper o vender un artículo no te ayudará. IF Player Win Tour You Can't Join Again Even with another acc until Grand final , Users who get caught will be banned. Netcafe Players Can Join Tour Only If They Have Atleast +500 games Player Who Caught will DQ
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    CN.Tour is 1v1 minitours.I. General Information- Tournament starts from Monday to Friday at 18:00 RMT.- There will be a different mode for each week.- The Winners of Daily tour wont be able to participate again of the current month. There will be a GrandFinals between all the winners at the end of the month.- Only one hostbot will be used which is .fr , Europe hostbot.II. Channel Rules- Insulting and flaming won't be tolerated, it will result in a timeban.- Spamming is not allowed.- Advertise is not allowed.- Only English is allowed.III. Tournament Format► The tournament shall consist only of 1v1 game.► Each round will be in a 'Best of 1' format. Final round will be 'Best of 3' format.► 5v5 money. Use !comp 2 , 3 , 4 , etc. to fill the slots. IV. Tournament Rules- Read the rules and item restriction before playing to avoid disqualification.- Using two or more accounts will lead to disqualification and a ban.- If a player disconnects before 5 mins, and the Firstblood is already taken, the game will NOT be remade. - If a player disconnects before 5 mins, and the Firstblood is not taken yet, the game will be remade.V. In-game Rules- In SD mode, both players have to type -roll. The lowest roll have to choose his/her hero first.- The sentinel player must type -noneutrals at the start of the game.- Pause is allowed ( 1 min maximum pause ) You must inform your opponent before pausing and before resuming the game.- You must ask your opponent first before using !latency command or you will be disqualified.- Creep blocking is allowed.- Farming neutral creeps is not allowed.- You are not allowed to any bug issued form the game.- The first player who gets 3 kills or destroys 2 towers first will be the winner. Or the player who uses !ff will be the loser. In-game Rules and Regulations - The sentinel player must type -noneutrals at the start of the game - [Farming neutral creeps is not allowed] - Pause is allowed ( 1min max. pause ) You must inform your opponent before pausing and before resuming the game. - You are not allowed to any bug issued form the game. - The first player who get 3 kills or destroy 2 towers will be the winner. Or the player who use !ff will be the loser. - Disconnection before first blood or before 5 mins of the game is not counted and the game will be remade. - You must ask your opponent first before using !latency command Or You Must Back it to 80 - we won't tolerate ● Racism. ● Religious flames. ● Flames. ( it will lead to ban or DQ) VI. Prizes- Daily Prize: 50 RGDs + Room Champion until the end of the month.- GrandFinals prize: 500 RGDs.Special thanks to zozozoe
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    RGID: 228550647 RGC Display name : Hakka ( Merry Christmas everyone)
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    Shop items اگر ایتم پاترون رو خریداری نمایید بعد از اتمام رنک شما 1 ماه دیگر نیز تیم کاپیتان رایگان در روم را خواهید داشت در صورت خرید گلد ممبر تیم کاپیتان رایگان(در یکی از چنل های انتخابی شما) نیز دریافت خواهید کرد Local rank ویژگی های گلد ممبر ویژگی رنک پاترون
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    DENEGADO El equipo de Perú STAFF y SA.Team les desea una feliz navidad a todos los usuarios, por el día de hoy 25 de diciembre todas las denuncias serán exoneradas. Merry Christmas a todos los usuarios.
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    How to report abuser staffs Your RGC Username: Username of the staff you are reporting: What kind of abuse: Explain Your situation ( Screen shots/ https.challonge.com ): What Can be considered abuse? Kick / Ban Command For No reason. Spamming / Flaming / Insutling / Racism users. Unvouch The Wrong Player. For Example: Your RGC Username: WaRGrayMoON UserName of the staff you are reporting: Alice What kind of abuse: ban Explain Your situation ( Screen shots/ https.challonge.com ): Alice banned me without a proofs and gave my win to my opponent. Best Regards - CN.Managers
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    ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── CLICK HERE TO VIEW GLOBAL 5V5 TOURNAMENT RULES CLICK HERE TO VIEW BLACKLISTED CLANS/PLAYERS ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── REGISTRATION FORMAT ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── ORGANIZATION Tournament brought you by: Ranked Gaming Client Special thanks to: Hakka & Froz Banner by: Cai Tournament Management
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    Winner Of Iran League Tournament 2020 برندگان مسابقه 5 به 5 دوتا ایران لیگ 2020 1st: BFH Captain: Stinger Team Member: Avril pEYman__G1 RF.FeedeR Pouya 2nd: !FF Captain: ilikeitthisway Team Member: -MaDarA~ BeauSleepWithMe RF.RoyaL Magic 3rd: Hell Crusher Captain: Fosil Team Member: Topkingk2 canceLL. thanasakis123 Dstones.Ymy- 19th November 2020 1000 RGDs + Champion Ranks Bracket: https://challonge.com/iranleague5vs5/ Round 1 - Final - Replay BFH vs !FF Winner: BFH http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1605811159 Round 2 - Final - Replay BFH vs !FF Winner: BFH http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1605813840 Special Thanks To @Hakka @Subasa @Adrian @MIG...mig @-LinCh- Iran Tours Staff Iran League Best Regards
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    Denegado Prueba:https://prnt.sc/wagejc El player BassBoost participa en tfs.
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    !Granted https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=68858704 [07:42] Mr.Rye: !timeban LordAhrimaan 4d leave (3rd) https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/1400295-leaver/ LordAhrimaan is now timebanned from this channel until 17:42 on 30/12/2020 !Closed.
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    ACEPTADO..! [09:05] ŁoD^|MEMO_3|^SA: !timeban keymmer*343 6d desconexion intencional (2da vez) https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/1400401-dc-intencional/ keymmer*343 está ahora beaneado por un tiempo desde este canal hasta 13:04 del dia 01/01/2021 PRUEBAS - https://prnt.sc/wa9dnf https://prnt.sc/wa9ena https://prnt.sc/wa9fnu https://prnt.sc/wa9gbm
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    NICK DEL DENUNCIANTE: raradesrame NICK DEL DENUNCIADO(S): MarcoVanBasten (Ursa) MOTIVO O RAZON: kitea del juego en el minuto 14 exactamente sin razón alguna. Creo que se molestó de que el Jakiro estaba perdiendo línea vs dos mientras el ursa todo el juego en jungla para kitear al final ... TIEMPO APROXIMADO: min 14 REPLAY: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1608956297
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    Usuario: lovebra x Denunciante: pino2850 Razon del bam: kiter Prueba: el jugador kitea al min 22:50 aprox sin razón Replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1608956254 centauro kiter.w3g
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    DENUNCIANTE: Hear_BlackDENUNCIADO 1: Az.-.l.RenattoLINFRACCION COMETIDA: kitean sin razón alguna, perjudicando al team poniéndolo en desventaja PRUEBAS Y MINUTOS EXACTOS O APROXIMADOS DEL SUCESO: min 22 Replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1608955184
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    denunciante FoxHuntdenunciado mattmanuel MANDA PARTIDA Y LUEGO KITEA INTENCIONALMENTE segundo 0:25 replay http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1608954239
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    NICK DEL DENUNCIANTE: =Bryan][Fury= NICK DEL DENUNCIADO(S): henry_lee MOTIVO O RAZON: antigamer min 16 huskar muere y kitea link replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1608950978
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    DENUNCIANTE: HelenYoshy DENUNCIADO(os): HereGoAgain (akasha) INFRACCION COMETIDA: kiter PRUEBAS Y MINUTOS EXACTOS O APROXIMADOS DEL SUCESO: El usuario HereGoAgain (akasha) kitea en el minuto 3. Espero lo baneen gracias. REPLAY: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1608951621
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    ACEPTADO [23:03] ŁoD^|Genius_RGC123|^SA: !timeban federasion15 9d kiter (3ra vez=) https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/1400425-kiters/ federasion15 está ahora beaneado por un tiempo desde este canal hasta 04:03 del dia 04/01/2021 federasion15 ha sido echado por Genius_RGC123. [23:05] ŁoD^|Genius_RGC123|^SA: !timeban el-profesor... 9d kiter (3ra vez=) https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/1400425-kiters/ el-profesor... está ahora beaneado por un tiempo desde este canal hasta 04:05 del dia 04/01/2021 el-profesor... ha sido echado por Genius_RGC123.
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    El Staff de Bolivia les desea a todos Que tengan una Feliz Navidad y un año nuevo Prospero, llenas de victorias. En ese sentido les invitamos participar del evento navideño a realizarse el dia 25 de diciembre a horas 21:30, bajo las siguientes modalidades MODALIDAD 1.- 6 staffs creara un Evento con el Nombre: FelizNavidad segido de su nick y se pondra de observer, el mismo anunciara a los ganadores de cada team. 2.- Solo están autorizados a crear los staffs, persona con rango que se haga al payaso creando con nombre similar se le aplicara el ban corresopondiente 3.- Modo de Juego ARZM con !balance 4.- 5 vs 5 con el comando !balance 5.- Los premios "Team Captain" (TC en Bolivia) seran al TEAM WIM (EQUIPO GANADOR). 6.- En el caso haya leaver ya sea intencional o por DC no se dará rmk cual fuera la razón FECHA: Viernes 25 de Diciembre de 2020 HORA: 21:30 MODO DE JUEGO: ARZM CANAL: /j Bolivia MAPA: DotA_Allstars_7.00e6.w3x
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    Envie un gmail a [email protected] desde el correo vinculado de su cuenta y solicite su id adjuntandole todos los datos que recuerde de su cuenta para que el valide que es usted el autentico dueño y pueda facilitarle el ID de su cuenta de ingreso. RGC Support Team Closed
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    Estuve en esa partida, Esa mortred nunca apoyo TF, puro jungle y muertes regaladas..
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    No participan sin capitan https://prnt.sc/wad7k5 estan en otros equipos
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    [17:34] ŁoD^|†chiiquii†|^SA: !timeban ren_best. 6d desconexion intencional (2da vez) https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/1400154-dc-intencional/ ren_best. está ahora beaneado por un tiempo desde este canal hasta 21:34 del dia 31/12/2020
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    Wrong section. @Agarbatti777, moved to Unban Requests.
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    !Confirmed Player Janez2k47 used inappropriate host name. https://prnt.sc/w9l2yp After my warnings, this player continues to provoke on (Eu) public chat. @Casper
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    Reported user is banned along with other dummy account. If you see the user bypassing again make an report in forum along with valid proofs & actions will be taken against the user / bypasser. Note :- This note is for the user who is being reported, serve the ban period for an month or could be less & you'll be unbanned but if you decide to choose the wrong path & start bypassing the ban you'll be permanently banned from RGC with higher bans than client / comp. KieuLyPham has been banned by Froz. KieuLyPham's computer has been banned by Froz. (HD_itachi) has been banned by Froz. (HD_itachi)'s computer has been banned by Froz. !Closed.
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    Thanks for explanation! I have not tried to reproduce this bug, but I was 100% sure it was not how this talent should work.
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    RGID #233343492 RGC Display name : |Dårk| Country: Perú I wish a Merry Christmas to the entire RGC community of all ranks and players, have a great time with your whole family, and that each year you improve your skills as a player, thank you all !!
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    ACEPTADO [17:59] ŁoD^|GibeMeHugBaby|^SA: !timeban chilipli 12d kiter (4ta vez) https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/1397984-kiter/ chilipli está ahora beaneado por un tiempo desde este canal hasta 22:59 del dia 02/01/2021
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    ACEPTADO Efectivamente el player solo se dedica a perjudicar a sus aliados primero en mid luego abajo y finalmente arriba en las tres lineas solo muere y finalmente se queda afk, no tiene intencion de jugar ni de apoyar a su team. Pruebas: https://prnt.sc/w7dcul https://prnt.sc/w7de9a https://prnt.sc/w7dfjb https://prnt.sc/w7dh6p [15:25] ŁoD^|Sniper-Peruano|^SA: !timeban ネブリ 5d antigamer (1ra vez) https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/1397448-antigamer/ ネブリ is now timebanned from this channel until 21:25 on 26/12/2020
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    Denied No bypass found. Closed.
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    This account is not banned from RGC nor there any of your related accounts is banned from RGC. Next time kindly give out full information / details & also in proper format so that we can know exactly what happened. !Closed.