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    From the new map versions in RGC you do not need to use external programs or warkeys to customize your keyboard when making a Game, since the new map brings your custom customkeys. To configure our war keys, the first thing we will do is download the map: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/292541 If you already have the map you do not need to download it, once we have the map we will enter a game in RGC, after playing your first match with the new map inside the warcraft folder a file called config.dota will be created. That is the file that we are going to edit, but before that delete any file with the name of CustomKeys to avoid interference. To edit we will open it with Notepad and we will place where it says SkillSlot and ItemSlot and we will proceed to edit, the distribution of each of them within the warcraft is as follows Once we have finished editing we will proceed to save the file Once they proceed to save, close the notebook and open the file config.dota again and verify that your changes were saved with success. Now to make sure our warkeys work open your warcraft and go to gameplay and activate the custom keyboard access option Once the procedure is done, your warkeys will work successfully, if you have errors with the warkeys, that is, if you followed my steps and it does not work, they can be two things: 1° When you edited your configuration file you did not save the changes or you might created a new one by using "Save As". 2° You downloaded the map when you presented errors with the customkeys, in that case delete the map and download again through the following link: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/292541 After that will do the tutorial again Edited values cannot be applied during the game. You must edit it before a game. Except of hotkeys that can be changed. You must save your file and type in chat a command that will apply new hotkeys "-bind reset" ● To Specify a hotkey for Teleport, you should find the link command "TeleportScrollHotkey=J" and modify J into anything you want ● Q : How to use Tab / Caps Lock / Space / Shift / etc keys in config dota / lod ? Is it possible ? ● A : Yes It's possible. elicit the value related keys and type tame as a number or hotkey for example for Tab you should type 0x09 like : Key Codes: Information provided by Sanin. open the hide box to get the codes value Credits to DracoL1ch Thank You.