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    In loving memory of Davidson alias hexOr Name: Davidson Gomes Araújo Nationality: Brazilian Age: 37 A beloved Brazilian father, husband, brother and mate, started here on May 29th of 2013 as a player, after some years he became brazil staff, and due to his hard work and dedication he started to rise up the ladder of hierarchy -- helping everyone, acting maturely and being fair with everyone as much as possible. He managed Brazil Regional, and yet made an outstanding performance being promoted to RGC Support Global and Admin, enabling him to help and support all regions alike. Eventhough he did an outstanding performance, he was a great human, beloved by everyone on and off the platform. Unfortunately, he had a heart attack on April 2nd of 2020 at 07:30 PM (Local time Brazil -3.00) while he was in-game. Today we are mourning, we have lost an exceptional staff and a brother, always ready to help and doing his best to achieve more, Everyone loves you and surely miss you <3 … Unfortunately we need to say good bye to you brother, friend and mate. We will miss you but we will never forget you. Will always be in our hearts. God Bless Everyone. Love you, RGC.Team Note: If you feel you want to say a few words for him, feel free to write below.
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    Your RGC Username: MY.ThuG Your Age: 29 Time Online: 8 – 12 hours (at least) Any history of being staff: Ex-admin of Garena (Malaysia region) Explain how you can help us to make this channel better: 1. Actively monitor the room channel so that all players are always follow RGC Rules. 2. Handle and check ban/report request to minimize the spoilers. 3. Assist players to resolve RGC or the channel related issues. 4. Ensure there is no spamming/advertising or any offensive insulting in the room. 5. Help and support the room staff and work as a team. Your skills in managing: Able to manage and supervise day-to-day administrative processes and operations, currently working as a senior IT executive with 5 years of experiences and flexible working hours. Reported any leavers/spoilers via forum in the past?: Yes, reported more than 100 players before: https://board.rankedgaming.com/profile/317257-mythug/
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    ¤albalu rad sod shakhs khati dar posti digar ban shode ast do not spam closed.
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    ¤albalu shakhs khati dar posti digar ban shode ast closed.
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    ¤albalu mahdihorn 5d banned for leaver from iran room closed.
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    ¤albalu SETTLOR_sf 3d banned for abusive from iran room closed.
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    ¤albalu MR.Thc91 5d banned for leaver from iran room closed.
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    ¤albalu *khashen* 5d banned for leaver from iran room closed.
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    ¤albalu MOHAMAD8182 5d banned for leaver from iran room closed.
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    ¤albalu SETTLOR-SF 5d banned for leaver from iran room closed
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    ¤albalu `DarK_HerO 3d banned for abusive from iran room closed.
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    Rad shod fahashi namusi moshahede nashod do not spam closed.
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    Donate if you support my work and want to keep it alive https://paypal.me/icbcosmin Every $ Helps me Alot TY Leoric Cursor RilayCursor Custom Cursor Mirana Cursor How To Install: Just Copy UI Folder and Enable (install enable) in Warcraft3 Folder Which is your Favorite One? Leoric Rilay Custom Mirana
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    We need 2 staffs who can be active enough and help us with asia public channel. Please provide true information ! Your RGC Username: Your Age: Time Online: Any history of being staff: Explain how you can help us to make this channel better : Your skills in managing: Reported any leavers/spoilers via forum in the past? : Note : Thread will be closed on 2nd april and 2 staffs will be picked on that date
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    @RedmooN Sir
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    [21:51] # SirQ: !clientban Ali亗 Being staff means you work for RGC and means you know better than any user that you can't flame a higher global admin Ali亗 has been banned by SirQ. [21:51] # SirQ: !compban Ali亗 https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/1122083-iran-staff-abuser/ Ali亗's computer has been banned by SirQ. To the " staffs " not users , As a staff means RGC picked you since you have good manners and good brain and you work hard and you done nothing wrong By flaming a higher global staff of RGC you destroyed everything you've done in one moment as a staff . Next time make sure you think about anything you type in chat channels or public channels , We will always ban " STAFF'S " who don't respect other staff or other global admins . And for you all next time you spam a thread like this you will all be banned from forum . !Closed
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    As A manager You are trolling to your senior Admin now This Issues Will check By globals.Not By Iran Seniors Anymore @SirQ @Sanin Will handle It
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    @Ali亗 As I see you insulted to his family I dont care who is he or he connected to whom As a manager you cant insult pple.even in private chat thnx to @Rubick for translate @Alone and @HaMeD Will handle It You can wait for their judgment Its better to fix iran.team issues in iran.team Also Im waiting for @Alone judgment Pending
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    recoverplan is now timebanned from this channel until 11:07 on 03/03/2020
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    85%R dont get ban leaver DC
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    shadowzart is now timebanned from this channel until 01:42 on 21/02/2020
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    Some truths in life are hard to accept. I wasn't ready to say goodbye forever even though I know that death is a part of this life. Everyone agrees that Hexor was a good hearted man, loveable guy and humble, everyone felt his kindness. It's a big loss losing such a great person, I still can't realize that he's gone surprisingly, it's a shock that I never expected. Even in death you are still loved and forever will be.
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    Name Leaver : THE___SURVIVOR Leave : 21:04Mins Gamid: https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=65828565
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    Hello Dear @Sanin My Friend send me his Account and he stop open RGC and dont want but he have a lot Bans and i want just clear this bans for me not for him i swear and i will pay my all rgds and pay my life for clear it and im ready to get Compban Account ban IP ban if i send him acc again please can you help me for that please <333 This is Banhistory : https://admin.rankedgaming.com/accounts/room-ban-history.php?m=1&var=mr.shadow† Please Sanin i dont have any friend like you please clear it i swear this account It has become me im Wait your Answer my brother <333 Sanin <333
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    He is only a novice player i watch replay and see his play and first game he get some lag for that he stop afk 3 mins for fix it and back to play and when he back see game start and all players dont stop game or warning him i think this ban wrong 80% i dont do anything before ask my mangers @Rubick I Watch Replay and he not Gameruin if you want see it yourself this is replay >>> http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1585523373 Pending..... BetaTests Team
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    Hello Dear Guys Guys i have my friend get Ban in Room : Brasil , (EU) Public , Bolivia , Dota Live , Beta Tests , Argentina , Lod Public And he dont know how get it bans he dont do anything Just He opened his account And see he get ban at (EU) Public he did nothing and he come and call me for unban him when i see history i think he get Hacker In his computer i Check some account he get bans in other account From in : Russia , Colombia , Bolivia , Argentina , Brasil , Magnolia Banhistory : https://admin.rankedgaming.com/accounts/room-ban-history.php?m=1&var=ᴰᴿ.Stone i hope to Check it and answer me fast please guys <333 ty for ready my Report @Hakka @Charbel @zozozoe @MoON @hexor @Captain @Sanin
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    Guys this player ᴰᴿ.Stone play just at Home and he dont give anyone his account He is surprised by this and Rubick if you see in banhistory he just play in (EU) Public he dont play other rooms just public and he get Ban in brasil and bolivia and elc.... i Dont know what i can do what is this wrong ? and he dont know how join banhistory or ladder or shop or forum xdd he just know join sign > join host > Type Ready > Start Game > play just no more @Rubick
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    Name Leaver : SorayanDe_ Leave : 09:22Mins Gamid: https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=65726111
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    Name Leaver : SorayanDe_ Leave : 09:22Mins Gamid: https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=65726111
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    Name Leaver : SorayanDe_ Leave : 09:22Mins Gamid: https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=65726111
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    Name Leaver : SorayanDe_ Leave : 09:22Mins Gamid: https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=65726111
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    @[gems] por favor revise este informe Ty
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    are you fucking kidding me? 9:05 100% mh, noone would throw his only stun blindly going against ursa + pudge @Thror @RedmooNhelp me out here
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    First of all I do not intend to spam I got com banned from RGC for insulting you @Hakka I have only one thing to tell you to look at this photo yourself First of all let me tell you that I've been working at Rgc for many years and you can talk to @Alone In this case they confirm my point Dear brother Hakka, Do you think I would have raised it in a group where my enemies were present if I had intended to offend you? (such as amir) Pls Check This Screen Shot: https://prnt.sc/q8xrxi Do you think I would have done it in the presence of senior executives if I wanted to offend? (SirQ and Moon) !!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I crazy? It should be noted that I do not criticize the judgment of my dear brother SirQ He is a senior at Middle East and it is imperative to maintain his respect And this report is about me and @ErFaN , not people like Amir, Subasa, -llinch- Everything except the main issue was answered in this report Sir @Hakka Pls Check Chat @lord This SS: https://prnt.sc/q8xrxi He tells Persian that RGC users will leave if the Iranian bot problem is not resolved ( @Spy Pls Translate All Chat in SS) Usually, when a room is in trouble, some users begin to insult administrators , Even to hakka A few minutes ago, which is not clear in this picture, another issue was raised I told them that these users had offended To Hakka , And I just wrote the concept of user chat there. Just above my chats you can see that Mig Mig also copied and pasted that user's chat concept. Keeping this screen shot for several months and not reporting it shows bad intentions by @Amir https://prnt.sc/qz144u This is Amir's computer And He Is Admin in Another client https://prnt.sc/rdx0j2 I didn't even deny that this screenshot was fake and said that this screenshot is real Have all my activities at RGC been judged by this image? I proved my loyalty to RGC and never worked with other clients An example of my work https://board.rankedgaming.com/forum/757-iran-td/ and I'm so happy to have been with you for many years and to work with you Thank you very much for everything Special Tnx To @SirQ (My Dear Bro) / This is my last post @Hakka Dear friend, I am waiting for your answer <3 good luck
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    report : Ali亗 reason : i got baned in iran td then he came to my private chat and insulted to my mother as you see , you can ask @Rubick for translate that what he said @Sanin @SirQ http://prntscr.com/rdfvyj
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    Proofs added, Thank you for reminding me about it.
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    i`m sorry for iran.team that a normal staff insulted to iran senior and there is not reaction.when a senior shared personal picture and we prove it to higher globals and there were not any reaction to that issue so now we see the result of their job here and it`s insult to iran senior admin @Sanin @Hakka
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    +Support Supporting this thread cause he insulted me several times and his actions counted as disrespectful, harsh and rude"ish", Also he reprted me and @Rightly on the forums with wrong and fake predictions. I believe there should be "Stop" sign for him to avoid more insults and abuses by him, i tried to convince him few times that earning reputation is not easy as you think and you need to gain respect of staffs and members for this kind of position in RGC. I hope he understand his mistakes and re-think over and over about his reactions. An Example of his abuses: https://prnt.sc/rbrxhm With Respect, R
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    Support # he also insulted with death wishes for his mother and as i know it Is not fake screen ( for make sure can check pms that sent from Ali亗 with RGID #244017498 ) @Sanin @SirQ Regards Support Team
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    IMM.BurNinG.LGD is now timebanned from this channel until 23:04 on 02/03/2020 Closed
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    LoD Public 5v5 Tournament Tournament information Map : 6.87d6 LoD Mode : Ru2 (Merror Draft - Skills 6) Room : LoD.Tours Date & Time : 05-04-20 & 12:00 RMT Last day of registration : 03-04-20 Hostbot : .fr (EU Bot) Format : Single Elimination (Finals will be Best of three) Prizes: 1st: 1000 RGD's + LoD Champion in LoD Public 2nd: 500 RGD's + Room Champion in LoD Public 3rd: 250 RGD's General rules Only 1 entry is allowed. Multi accounts or Multi entries are not allowed. Mention proper timing before pausing. Dc before 1st blood or tower can be remade.Remake for any other reason is not allowed. Only 1 !rmk per team in the whole tournament. Admins only can observe the games. Tournament Admin can change the rule in case of adjmustment needs. Any kind of unsupportive behaviour/flamming/racism won't be tolerated and will lead to disqualification after warnings. Scourge/ Sentinel is decided by the following: -roll ingame. Exploiting any map bugs (known or unknown ones) will lead to disqualification. Sign-up format Team name: Team captain: Team members: Reserve: Banned Spells Stampede (Centaur ultimate) False Promise (Oracle ultimate) Goblins Greed consumed aghanim does not work on self (working when gifting to allies) Changelog: Will be updated if needed . LOD TEAM
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    I still can't believe that we will no longer be able to see his kind words & laughing again . we've lost a perfect & great man. no one can describe our hexor perfectly. we will all pass away one day, but it was a great shock to hear this about hexor in this time. his memory will never be forgotten. he was live in our hearts forever. rest in peace brother.
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    Hello Guys, I Got banned from the client with mh reason, I think its misunderstanding, I'm playing Dota for 10 years and I got high experience in that game, it's not my first time I play this game. I logged in RGC while in-game people chatting me that I got banned I was shocked, and ofc I will be shocked how can I be banned for a reason that is wrong, I thought its a joke by friends till I checked my ban history. I was playing lina all players talking about that stun in fog, if u watch the whole game u will understand that my 3rd spell need stacks and need to be working to kill enemies and to have a fast movement. And more about Ursa when he was bot near the tower he was near voker and he cant run so omni went to tank tower and I attacked voker I missed a spell then u thought I want to hit Ursa, I'm not god to counter all my spells on enemies player will make mistake but its real misunderstanding. I Won many tournaments like EU mini, Cn, etc... and 1v1 players, if I got maphack it will help me in 1v1 games? I even played with globals before such as zozozoe, Owangepubplayer, Thror, Darkness, Casper, Ace and more from mh staffs like Leaver and Omar. if someone of those saw me playing with maphack they will not ban me? I'm Not that noob player to use maphack and ruin other's game I hope you guys take this thread into consideration and unban me because it's a wrong ban. Thanks for reading. @Hakka @Thror @KKS @Captain @zozozoe @Charbel
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    Name : west.raven Reason : Anti Gamer Time stamp : Just walking arround while game http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1583221420
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    Name : Jerry_jrr Reason : Leaver Time stamp : 17:27 http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1583221420
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    asmail0099 is now timebanned from this channel until 01:43 on 18/02/2020