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    1.Your RGC Username: BenyaminQ 2.The Link To The Replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1557038197 3.Explain Exactly What Happened:See The after 15 min in game , just see the hero lich , lich is use bug explain 4.Specify Precise Time-Stamps For Bug: after 15 min in game Good Luck @Thror
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    @Sanin @Cedric
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    name me:BenyaminQ name for ban:~ErFaN reson:fahashi Game id:#5451804 iran-ap http://prntscr.com/nkffky https://ladder.rankedgaming.com/game.php?room=95&gid=5451804&page=chat
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    name me:benyaminq age:17 time online:5our6 when you come rgc and going:3-9 my phone:09100918724
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    @Omar it wrong
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    my id : benyaminq most of my bans are for adv rgc channels illegaly and i hope i can clean it for now
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    Good Luck Guys @DyingWish @Neighbor @CaptainCooper @|WarrioR
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    Your RGC iGN : BenyaminQ Ban Type : Timeban Greetings invalid bans in my Fake account " Badoxes " was for someone else and now I took it from him, hope clear that. @Cedric @Sanin
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    name me:BenyaminQ name for ban:qwe0919 reson:leaver Game id:#5470126 iran-ap https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dotadynamic&id=5470126
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    my name:benyaminq reson:leaver dost aziz man diconnet shodan chera alaki ban mikonid age ride bodam to game ein hame item nadashte bodam man alaki bazi digaran ro kharab nemikonam pas lotf konid mano un ban konid ty https://ladder.rankedgaming.com/game.php?room=95&gid=5454641
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    name me:BenyaminQ name for ban:sh`askool reson:leaver Game id:#5445934 iran-ap https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dotadynamic&id=5445934
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    Hi guys , I want to be staff in room legion td I can help the room legion td @Creative
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    @Cedric @Sanin
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    DENUNCIA APROBADA El usuario tiene una reacción negativa en contra de dos de sus aliados, utilizando su habilidad de re-ubicación los deja en un área totalmente difícil acceso perjudicando con esto a su equipo, el ban procede. Pruebas |8:34| http://prntscr.com/noyd5w |8:38| http://prntscr.com/noyedq Usa su skill recolate en contra de su aliado Sniper y lo deja en un área de acceso difícil. |10:22| http://prntscr.com/noypac |10:27| http://prntscr.com/noyv95 Usa skill recolate en contra de su aliado Rhasta y lo deja en el mismo sitio donde esta el sniper. [10:42] పStaƒƒ||Kill*Rland||Perú: !timeban CaribeñoSolii 3d (1ra vez Antigame/Skill en Contra del Aliado) https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/766095-injusticia-y-abuso/ CaribeñoSolii está ahora beaneado por un tiempo desde este canal hasta 17:42 del dia 18/05/2019
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    DENUNCIA APROBADA El usuario se sale de la partida voluntariamente en pleno juego, el ban procede. No se observa otra falta. Pruebas |34:13| http://prntscr.com/noq0ts Kitea en pleno carreo del medio. [01:03] పStaƒƒ||Kill*Rland||Perú: !timeban INMORTAL-XG-008 2d (1ra vez Kiter) https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/766208-bara-kiter-minuto-34/ INMORTAL-XG-008 está ahora beaneado por un tiempo desde este canal hasta 08:03 del dia 17/05/2019
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    DENUNCIA APROBADA El user DaleOnDale (Tiny) usa su Skill Toss en contra de su aliado Slark quien ya tenia poca vida y lo lanza directamente contra dos héroes enemigos, finalmente muere a manos de la weaver, por la gravedad de su acción el ban procede. Prueba |1:24| http://prntscr.com/nrj1o3 Slark con la mitad de vida |1:25| http://prntscr.com/nrj2vh |1:26| http://prntscr.com/nrj40v * http://prntscr.com/nrj4z9 |1:30| http://prntscr.com/nrj5yc |1:34| http://prntscr.com/nrj6mv Slark muere. [13:05] పStaƒƒ||Kill*Rland||Perú: !timeban DaleOnDale 3d (1ra vez Antigame/Skill en Contra del Aliado) https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/789604-tiny-skill-en-contra-el-aliado/ DaleOnDale is now timebanned from this channel until 20:04 on 24/05/2019
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    NICK DEL DENUNCIANTE (DE RGC): DaNyTo_MuSoL1ny NICK DEL DENUNCIADO(S) (DE RGC): ^[J]hosmar~|ツ~ MOTIVO O RAZON: usa su skill en sus aliado (x) en dos oportunidades no dejando ir a defender la base . anulando teleport TIEMPO APROXIMADO: 29 32 REPLAY http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1557683772
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    DENUNCIANTE : .CamOS. DENUCIADOS : Equipo-7 MOTIVO : Antigamer MINUTO DE LA FALTA : eL PLAYER PANDA KITEA DEL DOTA MINUTO 17 provocando la perdida de la misma REPLAY :http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1558288668
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    < CLICK AQUI > PARA VER LOS JUGADORES EN LA LISTA NEGRA (BANEADOS) < CLICK AQUI > PARA REVISAR LAS REGLAS DEL JUEGO EN TORNEOS GLOBALES Este Torneo es traído a usted por : RANKED GAMING CLIENT Gracias especiales : Hakka , zozozoe Torneo patrocinado por : zozozoe Organizadores : zozozoe , DrvGon , Hakka Torneo Administrado por : Events.Team Banner Creador/Editor : DrvGon Streams Oficiales del Torneo -lviso- ( https://www.twitch.tv/mod_lviso) [k]ing_arthass ( https://www.twitch.tv/king_arthass ) -radx ( http://www.twitch.tv/radx21 ) Lunetixo ( https://www.twitch.tv/lunetixo )
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    I'm in favor of a static system, as it is used in 99% of all other RGC rooms, and also in LoD rooms like LoD SA or Iran LoD. My arguments: 1) People like to create new accounts constantly and fake that they are low point players to destroy other players 2) You can just stop playing if you reached a very high point amount, so you don't lose points anymore, and it is very, very hard to reach you once you're at the top 3) Less pressure in games, more fun: You only lose 3 points if you're up against an unbalanced tavern or team (happens very often). You can try more diverse builds if you aren't constantly pressured to pick the same op builds. 4) More activity - the more games you play and win, the higher your points are. Players will have to win a lot AND play a lot to reach the top. Ultimately, I think LoD is such a random game that it's not really that good to play with such a highly competitive system as it's used now. Therefore, it would be best if we changed it to a more lighthearted system that benefits very active players. Lastly, I think that the dynamic system should be used in a resurrected "LoD IH" channel where balanced modes are played (mirrored taverns, etc.), so highskill players can have a balanced and competitive environment. LoD Public is a public channel after all.
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    Ranked Gaming Client زمینه ساز : Ranked Gaming Client بخش : Iran Lod League مد : RU6 : ( SDS6ULABFNDUEBFFMA ) بات هاست : ایران اخرین مهلت ثبت نام : پنجشنبه 26 اردیبهشت ماه تاریخ شروع مسابقه : جمعه 27 اردیبهشت ماه ساعت 18:00 نقشه : DotA_LoD_6.86c4.w3x View the change logs and download it here جوایز ج تیم اول 50 آر جی دی و مقام لود چمپیون ایران لود لیگ + لود چمپیون ایران لود + روم چمپیون ایران لود هایر تیم دوم 20 آر جی دی و مقام روم چمپیون ایران لود لیگ + روم چمپیون ایران لود + تیم کاپیتان ایران لود هایر تیم سوم 10 آر جی دی و مقام تیم کاپیتان در ایران لود لیگ + ووچ ایران لود هایر نحوه ثبت نام : Team's Name قوانین عمومی برای برنده شدن باید Tree Of Life یا Frozen Throne را تخریب کنید. برای اینکه مشخص شود کدام تیم عضو نگهبانان یا اسطوره ها باشند رول انداخته می شود. هشدار بازی حتما 1 & 2 & 3 بگویید Pause قبل یک اخطار به همراه خواهد داشت Resume بدون اجازه گروهی بعد از سومین اخطار تیم خاطی بازنده اعلام می شود برای دریافت هر گونه راهنمایی /w Amir , /w Shadoww , /w LarGeN , /w Alireza تنظیم کننده مسابقه : Amir تشکر ویژه از : LordCyrax , KingDread , HaMeD Ranked Gaming Client Room : Iran Lod League Mode : RU6 : ( SDS6ULABFNDUEBFFMA ) Last Registered Time : 17 May Starting time : 18 May 15:30 RMT Map : DotA_LoD_6.86c4.w3x View the change logs and download it here Bot Host : .ir Prizes 1st : 50 RGDs + LoD Champion Iran LoD League + LoD Champion Iran LoD + Room Champion Iran LoD Higher 2nd : 20 RGDs + Room Champion In Iran LoD League + Room Champion Iran LoD + Team Capitan Iran LoD Higher 3rd : 10 RGDs + Team Capitan Iran LoD League + Vouch Iran LoD Higher How To Register : Team's Name How To Win : Destroying Frozen Throne Or Tree of Life Each Team Should Roll Picking Team Sentinel or Scourge Warning Before Pause You Have To Say 1 & 2 & 3 And Pause Resume Without Letting The Opponet Team Know Will Count As 1 Warning After 3 Warning The Team Will Lose Contact Staff Member For Any Help /w Amir , /w Shadoww , /w LarGeN , /w Alireza Tournament Organizer: Amir Special Thanks To : LordCyrax , KingDread , HaMeD
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    DENUNCIA DENEGADA En la verificación de la partida no se observa fedeo por parte del usuario, en ambos tiempos señalados el user muere jugando, en el minuto 40:52 abandona la partida al ver que dos lados de la base han sido destruidos, esta la diferencia de héroes, la diferencia de level y armado del team scourge sobre el team sentinel... el ban no procede al no encontrar evidencia de infracción. Pruebas |7:53| http://prntscr.com/nowuwv |8:03| https://prnt.sc/nowvzy Muere rodeado de héroes enemigos, no fedeo. |10:12| http://prntscr.com/nowz1u Muere con el six del gato, no se observa fedeo. |37:59| http://prntscr.com/nowh76 Se sale del juego voluntariamente cuando hay dos lados de la base destruidos, el ban no procede.
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    DENUNCIA APROBADA El usuario al comenzar el juego fedea en base enemiga, regala observers y finalmente se sale de la partida voluntariamente perjudicando con esta actitud a su equipo, el ban procede. Pruebas |-0:40| http://prntscr.com/novloi |0:37| http://prntscr.com/novr4g Fedea. |-0:39| http://prntscr.com/novqhb Regala observers. |-0:33| http://prntscr.com/novs00 Kitea. [07:13] పStaƒƒ||Kill*Rland||Perú: !timeban GT_Vodka 7d (1ra vez Antigame/Feeder/Regala ítem, 2da vez Kiter) https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/766207-antigamer/ GT_Vodka está ahora beaneado por un tiempo desde este canal hasta 14:13 del dia 22/05/2019
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    Denuncia Aprobada El usuario IND_BOG (Magina) se sale de la partida voluntariamente al morir su héroe, el ban procede Prueba minuto 11:07 https://prnt.sc/noln0s kitea al morir su héroe. [07:30] పStaƒƒ||Kill*Rland||Perú: !timeban IND_BOG 6d (3ra vez Kiter) https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/766395-magina-kiter/ IND_BOG está ahora beaneado por un tiempo desde este canal hasta 14:30 del dia 21/05/2019
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    DENUNCIA APROBADA El usuario KshAAAAArp (Alleria) al revivir su héroe abandona todos sus items aun lado de la fuente y se dirige a la linea medio, finalmente fedea contra dos héroes enemigos, el ban procede. Pruebas |15:57| http://prntscr.com/noq5z8 abandona sus items aun lado de la fuente. |16:26| http://prntscr.com/noq6wu |16:36| http://prntscr.com/noq7ga |16:38| http://prntscr.com/noq7mr Fedea con Doom y Bara. [01:22] పStaƒƒ||Kill*Rland||Perú: !timeban KshAAAAArp 7d (1ra vez Antigame/Feeder) https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/766215-antigamer-feder-extremo/ KshAAAAArp está ahora beaneado por un tiempo desde este canal hasta 08:22 del dia 22/05/2019 KshAAAAArp ha sido echado por Kill*Rland.
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    DENUNCIA APROBADA El usuario se sale de la partida voluntariamente a los pocos segundos de revivir su héroe, el ban procede. Prueba minuto 27:26 http://prntscr.com/nopsga [00:37] పStaƒƒ||Kill*Rland||Perú: !timeban kira.gaming 2d (1ra vez Kiter) https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/766192-troll-kiter/ kira.gaming está ahora beaneado por un tiempo desde este canal hasta 07:37 del dia 17/05/2019
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    abuser: (f)society reason: abuse power , kick without reason http://prntscr.com/nnygir
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    (f)society has been banned for 1d Closed
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    No es la primera ves que sucede a este tipo se le deberia dar ban permanente toda la vida caga games
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    Compban por xenofobia ? No estoy de acuerdo, pero tratándose de ese usuario solo queda decir "Buen trabajo MOI" #RIPhunter1_2_3
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    ur case had done! [23:23] ViE|ḎS.Wolverine|Heroes: !timeban FreQuency.QR 5d Spoiler https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/742220-hard-spoiler/ FreQuency.QR is now timebanned from this channel until 16:23 on 13/05/2019
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    Welcome to Ranked Gaming Client The purpose of this guide is to sharpen your knowledge about the basic functions available to personalize your RGC and enhance the quality of your very own experience with RGC. I will try my best to create a complete and easy to understand coverage about all available settings. Table of Content Settings a. Chat b. Friends c. Sounds d. Other e. DotA Help Profile Account a. Name b. Password c. Email Map Downloader Clans Rooms Friends Launch Warcraft III Main Part 1) SettingsThis is where all of the Settings are located at: a. Chat Lets start with the first tab of "Settings": 1) By listing channel names in Autojoin Roomlist text box you will be able to open all the listed channels that you have access to once you log into RGC. 2) This is the time format that you want it to be shown in your chat lines, hh means hours, mm means minutes and you can add ss to show seconds as following [hh:mm:ss] 3) Control the timestamps that you want them to be shown in your chat lines. 4) Control the maximum written lines displayed in RGC chat. b. Friends The Settings tab "Friends": 1) Depending on which of the checkboxes you check, you will get notifications when one of your friends comes online, goes offline or afk, or joins a game. 2) Ignore list: there are two ways to ignore a user: 1. right click on user's nickname -> ignore-> add 2. by using the command /i a user's nickname in chat in any RGC channel. Additionally to this command you can type /i to know more about your ignore list And then you have the options to control your ignore list function: Ignore highlights: you won't hear any highlight from the users are in your ignore list. Ignore Private messages: you won't receive any private message from the users are in your ignore list. Ignore chatroom messages: you won't see any message from the users are in your ignore list in RGC chat. c. Sounds The Settings tab "Sounds": 1) By checking or unchecking these checkboxes you can control whether RGC should notify you with Sound Messages when: a. one of your games gets hosted b. one of your games is starting c. you log into RGC d. you close RGC 2) Highlight Names: With this textbox you can define ADDITIONAL names or phrases different from your normal Display Name to be your highlight names.Example: Normally, you only get highlighted if someone writes your Display Name into the Chat. But if you add additional words (names/letters/random words) you will get highlighted when someone writes those words in the chat. 3) With these bars you can control who is allowed to highlight you when you are either ingame, afk or online. There are 3 parameters to choose from: Everyone, Friends and Noone. d. Other The Settings tab "Other": 1) Self-Explanatory. 2) If you enable this checkbox, RGC will create a logfile (log.txt in your RGC folder) if your RGC crashes. This logfile contains information about your RGC and why it crashed. It can be sent to our development team to be checked out.3) There are "Language" and "Skin": a. Language: Choose the language of RGC here b. Skin: Choose your RGC Skin here, more skins and instructions: https://board.rankedgaming.com/forum/35-rgc-skins/ e. DotA 1) Warcraft III The Frozen Throne (Executable): Here you have to enter the path of your Warcraft III's war3.exe 2) This is a column for Warcraft III starting commands, for example window. If your write -window into this column your Warcraft III will start in the Window Mode. Further Commands: -opengl (Enables OpenGL)-d3d (Enables Direct-3D Support)-swtnl (SoftwareTransform & Lightin Video will be used)-classic (Starts the game in the Reign of Chaos) mode 3) When you first open your Warcraft on RGC you will be asked to choose by which Directx version you want to run your Warcraft III Before you click the version make the option below ON to avoid getting this dialog box again. 4) After customizing your setting it's Very IMPORTANT to click save button EVERYTIME you make changes. 2) Help If you click the Help button you will just be redirected to the Ranked Gaming Client Facebook Page. You will get the latest news about RGC there (always). : https://www.facebook.com/RankedGamingClient 3) Profile Display Name: This is the name shown to others in the chat or in the game. You are able to change ONLY the capital letters here. For Example: dr.spy instead of Dr.SpyFirst Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Sex:, Nationality and Residence will be shown to others on your profile Avatar (= Profile Picture): Here you can add the link of an avatar of yours. Description: Here you can add additional lines about yourself.How to upload an Avatar: Click Here 4) Account 1) NameHere you can change your Name. You need 10 RGD to do so. if you click on the button Buy rename you will be automatically redirected to the RGC Shop Webpage where you will be able to buy Ranked Gaming Dollars (=RGD) with PayPal. 2) PasswordHere you can change your Password. Just fill out the text columns and if you make no writing mistakes you'll have your new password immediately. (Don't forget to click the change button) 3) E-Mail This is the e-mail you use to recover your account in case you have forgotten your password or if it was stolen (it's very IMPORTANT to use a reachable email not a random one). 5) Map Downloader Instead of downloading the map manually then copying it into Warcraft Maps folder. This Map Downloader makes everything automatically, after clicking the Download button a loading bar will start working until the map downloading is finished. The Map Downloader will only notify you by appearing when a game is hosted and you don't own the map. Here's a tutorial video about how to use the Map Downloader: Click Here 6) Clans i. If you have no Clan, this is the place where you can create your very own one. Just click on the button Create My Own Clan to be referred to the more detailed creation of your Clan: Name: The Name of your Clan, e. g. Meet your MakersTag: e. g. MYMPrefix: e. g. MYM^ (=> : MYM^Dr.Spy)Suffix: e.g. ><DotA (=> : Dr.Spy><DotA)Full example: MYM^Dr.Spy><DotA ii. If you have a Clan:This is the place where you can manage your clan (if you are the clan leader) and where you can see all the details about your Clan: Your Clan Name, Tag, Description and all of your Members. Additionally there's the button to leave your Clan. 7) Rooms This is a huge (but by far not complete!) list of the most important channels on RGC. If you double click one of these names on this list AND if you are vouched (= Safelisted) in the respective channel, a new window opens and you join your new desired room. 8) Friends Name Activity Status That's the window where you can inspect your friends' activities: Whether they are Online, Away from Keyboard, Ingame or Offline. And this is the window where your status appear to your friends. Also there is a button below to add a friend. Additionally to this window there are several commands available to manage or inspect your friends. You can list all of them by typing /f help in the chat in any RGC Channel. 9) Launch Warcraft III This button's functionality is completely as the Start button. In order to start Wacraft III with RGC you have to click one of them. Starting Warcraft III this way is INEVITABLE. If you start Warcraft III by just going to your folder and double-click the Frozen Throne.exe you won't be able to see any hosted game by RGC's hostbots. Regards, RGC.Team
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    DENUNCIA DENEGADA DENUNCIA DUPLICADA. El día lunes se procedió con el ban correspondiente, el usuario apelo, por favor no duplicar denuncias innecesarias, sea considerado.
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    DENUNCIA APROBADA 1.- gklingerc (Lina) el usuario a partir del minuto 14 deja su héroe en modo patrulla, después en el minuto 15 lo deja afk en fuente, en los siguientes minutos no ayuda a defender su base, destruyendo lanaya la ultima torre top y las barracas, el ban procede. Pruebas |13:56 al 15:15| http://prntscr.com/nop7lb * http://prntscr.com/nop854 deja su héroe modo patrulla en su base. |15:15 al 16:16| http://prntscr.com/nop8ln * http://prntscr.com/nop998 * http://prntscr.com/nop9ov Afk intencional en fuente. 2.- __Gozu__XD (Naix) el usuario se dedica acumular oro sin sentido durante todo el game... por dedicarse a farmear no ayuda a sus aliados a defender su base, primero en el lado Top, después al revivir, se va a farmear al bosque del lado enemigo, y no ayuda a defender su ultima torre del medio, el ban procede. Pruebas El naix se va bosque a pesar de que el enemigo esta rompiendo sigue en jungla todo el dota min 20 |19:47| http://prntscr.com/nopbxs |20:16| http://prntscr.com/nopcoh Naix afk intencional, no defiende su base. Prácticamente todo el game ausente. [23:01] పStaƒƒ||Kill*Rland||Perú: !timeban gklingerc 7d (1ra vez Ausencia/AFK Intencional) https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/766114-antigamer/ gklingerc está ahora beaneado por un tiempo desde este canal hasta 06:01 del dia 22/05/2019 gklingerc ha sido echado por Kill*Rland. [23:02] పStaƒƒ||Kill*Rland||Perú: !timeban __Gozu__XD 20d (3ra vez Ausencia/Afk Intencional) https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/766114-antigamer/ __Gozu__XD está ahora beaneado por un tiempo desde este canal hasta 06:02 del dia 04/06/2019 __Gozu__XD ha sido echado por Kill*Rland.
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    ramtin1995 1Day Banned IRan ROom Closed
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    rad shod moredi mabni bar feed dide nashod closed
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    Pedido aceito. O jogador ficou AFK do min 1:15 até o min 5. Banido por 3 dias pela 3a reincidencia! [19:11] BR.Staff|#TH.Angel: !timeban Solers_Terro 3d (3 AFK) https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/743645-afk/#comment-1584492 Solers_Terro is now timebanned from this channel until 00:11 on 12/05/2019
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    Saint_Soull 1d Baned IRan RoOm CloseD.
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    nargil 4d ban shod closed.
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    3d banned C!oSe
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    fær 1d banned iran room closed.
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    BLACK LISTED USERS: Divided by regions and listed by alphabet order for easier searching, please make sure they are not inside your team because that will be violating rules. Please report to tournament admins if you see them playing! 1 valid report = 100 rgds prize. (will be updated frequently) SA: Elvistwo<3 llGabO.oll |Hartman. 彡Mizuki彡 zhamar EU: Alija^ armin_kinG BEZZZOBBRAZEN BurNIng Cherabadi? _d00m_ dota.player_ GiveMeHugBaby GL.RiVorN IR.Rebel KONJINA Ks.DarK^^MooN [L]orenzo`FTW NoMoreMaybies ASIA: BelongtoNoWhere -FAUXNiM IHCOROY- skye! BLACK LISTED CLANS: OLDF Rabbits SATANIK! TDK NAVI