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  2. Denunciado: OverHauI Motivo: feeder Replay:
  3. Denunciado: TJ.KombO|K1 Motivo: kitea luego de morir y antes que caiga el ancient Replay:
  4. solved

    For just this once i'm giving you chance for your mistake,next time when users tell you to type or do something like that again take screenshots & make an report in forum against such users. Even if you didn't meant to do it on purpose or didn't knew the outcome for it you'll still be counted as being guilty cause you listened / followed what the user wanted you to do. So next time be-careful & don't repeat such silly mistakes again. !Closed.
  5. granted

    Granted! rhayhanz is now timebanned from this channel until 09:46 on 28/11/2019
  6. granted

    Leaver Request format Your Display Name:bogo-︱ Reported Display Name:rhayhanz Room: asia Replay: Timestamps:26 mins Reason:he quit
  7. @FunBuild This problem usually happens to those who used DirectX 9 to open Warcraft Steps to solve this problem #1 In the client go to Menu -> Settings -> DotA and make the option Start Game ( Do Not Ask Again) off, as shown below #2 Then download DirectX and install it. Link : #3 After installation is done click on Start and choose Use DirectX 8 Please Let us know if the problem is fixed. iBleeD. Support Team
  8. solved

    plaYer大枪 has been unbanned by Captain.
  9. Denunciante: t0xic0. Denunciados: •4leus | Sin-llorar | Ep1ckO.O Motivo: Abandona | Abandona | Planta sentrys para perjudicar al team en todos los bosques min 16:33 se ven y compro desde antes y nuevamente compraba para seguir. Replay:
  10. granted

    Granted! TeamBopols is now timebanned from this channel until 09:30 on 26/11/2019
  11. granted

    Confirmed! Granted! MillionLinh intentionally afked for 571sec(9min)... MillionLinh is now timebanned from this channel until 09:27 on 30/11/2019
  12. solved

    th3.n3fix has been banned by Captain. th3.Nef!x has been banned by Captain. Granted
  13. (1).Your RGC username :[email protected] (2).The RGC username of the one you are reporting:.No.ChancE (3).The link to the replay : (4).this guy left the game by purpose.
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  16. denunciante: Destruid_Lord denunciados: x-AnCroshK-x motivo: DC intencional movimientos: mordio cable intencionalmente porque no entro si amigo a la partida y ademas dice que fue un bajon de luz cuando entro al siguiente game que se creo denle ban por DC intencional please replay.
  17. AFK Reported players: mineski.totski Timestamps: minute 17 to 37 Reason: AFK few times more than 5 minutes.
  18. Denunciado: NeoPython Denunciante: SwapOrmk Replay: Motivo: KITER ( NOS AVISA QUE VA KITEAR D EL GAME MINUTO 23:02=) PRUEBAS : 1
  19. Denunciado: FocsChallenge Denunciante: MisSTaLzD reaplay: motivo: kiter
  20. Denunciado: sdadasas Denunciante: MisSTaLzD reaplay: motivo: kiter
  21. granted

    Your Display Name: rave_master_09Reported Display Name: MillionLinh Room: asia Replay: Timestamps: 28:33 afk rastaReason: afk
  22. DENUNCIANTE: SouKS DENUNCIADO(os):balanare_legend INFRACCION COMETIDA: MEEPO conducta antigamer ni bien empieza el juego ,pone actitud antigamer PRUEBAS Y MINUTOS EXACTOS O APROXIMADOS DEL SUCESO:MINUTO EXACTO 01:18 ,minuto 5:25 al 5:29 ,minuto 25:28REPLAY:
  23. denunciante: Destruid_Lord denunciados: jaay_chikiluki ¨joker¨ motivo: feed + antigamer movimientos: el mono feed con score 2/14/6 y el sniper no ayuda al team casi nunca estaba en las tf replay.
  24. Denunciante: NK_aDaM Denunciado/Motivo: OROCHIMARU!!!! (Leaver) Replay: Game ID: Game #6806301
  25. NOMBRE DEL EQUIPO: *STG* CAPITÀN DEL EQUIPO CON RGID: *MaLdItO_PeQuE$ RGID #242576496 NOMBRES DEL EQUIPO: *maldito_peque$ jans. narat_ð|ツ nv.nevermind| **Suplentes: |-hard_feed-| *BuBiG*
  26. denunciante : º.jma.º denunciados: ЊЊĢĞЊ minutos exactos : minuto 35 se queda afk en fuente. ademas que nunca tuvo el interes de armarse y por ratos se quedaba afk en fuente replay :
  27. Reported players: yn0i Timestamps: minute 35 or 38 Reason: Rylai paused game when pudge is being chased by enemies (try to escape). Please ban n00b stupid kid. Thank you.
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