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  4. NICK DEL DENUNCIANTE : ADEUZ NICK DEL DENUNCIADO : .-. monsterin.-.(TINY) 3lc0g3d0rzcx (PUCK) MOTIVO : KITEAN DEL JUEGO MINUTO EXACTO : .-. monsterin.-. MIN 10:45 3lc0g3d0rzcx MIN 13:00 REPLAY : ADEMAS DE ELLO, .-. monsterin.-.(TINY) USA SKILL EN ALIADO MIN 2:10
  5. report: *INSPEKTORA* 7399145
  6. solved

    Request Solved Reason (s): Duplicate post. This post has already been replied. Please Refer - @8xBopDziu Thank you for your effort. Thread Closed.
  7. Denunciado: hiago590 Denunciante: Shhhhushhh Replay: Motivo: Intentional dc, 0-2 Minotus: 17:23
  8. granted

    Request Granted Reason (s): The accused has left the game voluntarily at 30.40 elapsed time. Action (s): Ex-BradMark is now timebanned from this channel until 13:35 on 21/04/2021 @CAI Thank you for your effort. Thread Closed.
  9. Hero : TA Acc : G1 3 att dadam 4 nfr mord to khate movazi. Min 20
  10. denied

    Request Denied Reason (s): It has been observed that the accused has not been deeply involved in almost all the ganks because he/she was holding gem. To keep the gem safe he/she was staying away from ganks. Also, he/she has helped the team doing the wards in the whole game. Action (s): No action taken. Note: If you think Guest1139 and tapdanhdota, lll_phantom_lll, SatAmThien.N02 are used by the same person and you suspect it a bypass, then you can post your request in the link ⇲ Abuse Support : @8xBopDziu Thank you for your effort. Thread Closed.
  11. MIG...mig
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  13. pending

    more then one week and still no response... I presume (or maybe hope) thats not on purpose and kindly reminging you this topic...
  14. granted

    tostão 1d Banned Leaver Iran Room Staff !Closed
  15. Replay_2021_04_18_1730_NoHero.w3g
  16. granted

    GRANTED Spoiled the game by intentionally pausing during clash time at bottom late Timestamps: 23:46 elapsed time. jazmirtanga123 is now timebanned from this channel until 13:04 on 23/04/2021
  17. denied

  18. 1d ban closed.
  19. ghasem1234
  20. golabi.02
  21. forsat
  22. denied

    Denied You have much valid bans only invalid bans will remove Closed
  23. 1d ban closed.
  24. My ACC: Hacker Thanks!
  25. ..My Account:Witche Offending account :slot 9 Reason:bug orn of shadow Room: iran lod GID:
  26. Your Display Name: Cai Reported Display name: Ex-BradMark Room: (Asia) Public Admin: REASON : LEAVING MY GAME LIKE THERE IS NO CONSEQUENCE?
  27. 1D BAN CLOSED.
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